"Siluetler was probably the biggest rock'n roll attraction in Turkey in the 1960's after Gökçen Kaynatan's band (whom they were actually an offshout of). Led by the talented young guitarist Mesut Aytunca, the band took Turkish Rock'n'roll out of the identity crisis, producing the first real examples of Turkish Rock music blending traditional music with rock. Tragically Aytunca was strangled to death (in extremely sordid circumstances) in 1976." Gökhan Aya, Jay Dobis

-Many of the songs remind very much at The Shadows.- Various of the songs are even too  ? much in this English Shadows style without much Turkish crossover influence left .

I wondered if Siluetler meant Shadows..so I asked about it, and did recieve this answer :

"Siluetler is Turkish for 'silhouette'.  Gölgeler would be shadows.  But the name is clearly derived from The Shadows.  When I first heard Kak Oyunu oddly referred to as Kak Havas on your site I smiled at the name reference, since the lead guitar could have been being played by Hank Marvin himself.  It's a great recording."
PS. "The Shadows were known as The Drifters until the original American Drifters threatened legal action.  I believe it was meant to mean that they were Cliff Richard's shadows.)Can Altinbay

"Well, we can call them "Turkish SHADOWS", mostly instrumental composes, with beautiful guitars. The band's guitarist Mesut Aytunca was playing "Hank Marvin" style.
Siluetler means "Silhouettes"  Really beautiful guitars, for the 60's period of Turkey. Face A of this single is the final song of 1965 Altin Mikrofon Song Contest.

About most known single :
"Kasik Havasi" is a well known Turkish music, performed by guitars playing beat & rock sound. One of the early samples of Turkish traditional music in west sound.
"Sis" (The Fog) is a Siluetler adaptation, seems like "The Shadows"' slow composes. " Guner
About single from Siluetler & Mesmut Aytunca : Ezilis / Lebuleb :
'Ezilis' is in Turkish beat style,
'Lebuleb' in freakout beat style with odd lyrics and middle eastern inluenced sound).


(incomplete) :
(click underlined titles for MP3 sound-files)

45' singles :

* Sis/Kasik Havasi Altin Mikrofon 1965
* Geçti Dost Kervani
* Sirto
* Kasap Havasi
* Artik Cok Geç
* Suya Giden Alli Gelin
* Ali Baba
* Dede Efendi, Lorke Lorke Altin Mikrofon 1966
* Lebu Leb

Beside some incredible singles I have a recording
(on a bootleg tape released by Ivaylo Tonchev in Bulgaria ; contact : lavrentiiberia@dir.bg
of their 1967 LP "Dede Efendi"
with the single "Sis" as a bonus track.

Line-up at that time :

Erol Bilem, guitar.
Koray Yilmaz, drums
Berg Kurkcu, bass
      Muzafer Gur, vocals
unknown female vocals

(sound files here are actually the same MP3's of the earlier singles)

Kasik Havasi (mp3)
   Dede Efendi
   I'm looking for a saxophonist
   Na Na Song
   The Beat goes on
   Theme without name
   I'm a believer
Summer Wine
   Spring is nearly here
   Black is Black
   Lorke Lorke
   Rhythm and Grace
   Roly Poly
   Sis (mp3)

Other discography at http://www.diskotek.arkaplan.com.tr/..

Other webpage : http://anadolupop.fisek.com.tr/siluetler/
More audio : http://my.opera.com/zapata55/blog/2008/03/28/siluetler-lp-1967

After Siluetler the group Mogollar was formed.
Go to the page of Mogollar

PS. There exist also a solo work of first Siluetler keyboard-player Metîn H. Alatli called :
Alamooga Esinlenmeler -Sentetik Oyun Havalar- (1975). See separate page for Metin Alatli

(You can also look at the Playlist of the Radioshow with Siluetler).

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