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old bands (reissues) :

Dreamies ('73)
Focal Point ('67-'68/'05)
Springfield Park ('67-'68)
Sunlight ('68)
V.A.: Ohio in the 60s ('64-'69)
V.A.: Indiana in the 60s ('65-'69)
V.A.: Colorado in the 60s ('66-'69)
V.A.: Arkansas in the 60s ('65-'70)
V.A. : Wisconsin in the 60s ('64-'69)
V.A. : Missisippi in the 60s ('64-'69)
V.A.: New York in the 60s vol.3 ('65-'70)
V.A.: Maryland in the 60s ('65-'70)
V.A. : World Beaters 3 & 4 ('60s/'05)

new bands (60s inspirations) :

Dipsomaniacs ('01,'03)
Holm, Oyvind ('05)
P, Julia ('05)  
Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! ('06) 

Gear Fab    V.A. : Psychedelic States : Ohio in the 60s vol. 2 (US,1964-1969)*°°

Roger Maglio from Gear Fab did his best to compile an encyclopaedic series, in time for the music and some info to be still traceable, with some effort. Ohio in the sixties had a vivid garage psych scene which is proven this compilation. When possible band info, pictures and short biography are added. Not all tracks are equally great, but all tracks are from very enjoyable to at least suitable (but more than once somewhat mediocre) for the genre. Favourites of mine are from The Bare Facts with “To Think”, The Baroque Monthly with “You are your only mystery”, The Last Times with “I need you”, the more late 60’s bluesrock influenced Spontaneous Combustion with “Freaky Girl”, and the even the more freaky "Reincarnation" from the Operations, and Me and the Guys with "Why can't you be true", and the nice concluding freakbeat track from The Endless with "Prevailing Darkness" with freaky organ and guitar.

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/
Label entry : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/Catalog_List/catalog_214.html
With audio : http://www.cdconnection.com/bin/nph-search/mQZgIrzXf1HK.tn?part=11972
Review of volume 3 next->

Gear Fab    V.A. : Psychedelic States : Ohio in the 60s vol. 3 (US,1964-1969)***'

In this other quite good and consistent mostly freakbeat/beat compilation I also got the idea how most bands in 60’s styles produced some kind of adolescent pop with a small history of existence, without bringing the musical or content aspects very high. Even then it does not really matter much for the enjoyment it brings. It’s all very pleasant music, even when it’s all about first kisses and missing the train (as a matter of speaking).

First of all we have the pretty enjoyable innocence we all love and perhaps miss already. Further on what is fantastic on fine 60’s tracks are the compact powerful musical ideas, and the relatively simple structure with the simple rhythm always brought to a degree of excess, and with additional arrangements (not only vocal harmonies) that make the expression complete as if it expresses and encompasses the whole world of possibilities, made at a time when everything seemed possible, even when no one had an idea what that could mean in future or even in the moment. Economy was flourishing and people had a generally positive open view. All these sunshine or “Now I've lost her but I don’t really care” is all over the place, and yeah that’s lovely ! When the fuzz’s freak a bit nothing can stop my joy. A perfect compilation!

Label entry : http://gearfab.swiftsite.com/Catalog_List/catalog_218.html
Audio (sson) : http://www.cdconnection.com/bin/nph-search/mQZgIrzXf1HK.ao?part=47311

Gear Fab    V.A. : Psychedelic States : Indiana in the 60s vol. 1 (US,1965-1969)**°°'

Mid-late ‘60’s in general was a creative music period of a personal budding expression within standard themes and a certain innocence, where stylistically they couldn’t do much wrong, which is a great advantage when compiling tracks from this period. When there’s too much of the innocence like in school bands it is charming. Even when in the late ‘60’s there was more creativity in the arrangements, it still was within the same steady, strong and simple, but effective and attractive song structure. 

Indiana seemed to have been a very busy vivid state for 60’s music driven groups. Like in the tradition, the most standard ‘60s tracks are listed first, all effective tracks. Track 9, after that, from the Pickwick Papers is great freakbeat with a Doors-like organ and lyrics like “you don’t like crazy music”, fitting well in moody rhythm with the next track. Also a beat track from The Noony Rickett is listed (who were later going to be part of ‘Love’ during the “Four Sail” record). More beautiful organ comes from The XL’s. The Frank Zappa track from the Basooties I found special too, followed by many more great and inventive and attractively arranged beat’n roll, freakbeat and poppsych tracks, all within a standard more or less 3 minute structure. Also more heavy soulful rock tracks are included, like the great and powerful “Get of my back” by Blues,Inc. about a hippie having trouble with one’s parents/teachers. This is followed by many more, great teenage beat disappointed love,  have-a-new-love and please-be-mine songs, with many original touches and recognisable situations in the lyrics. Once more, a very enjoyable compilation.

It is once more worthy of mention that Gear Fab still is amongst those labels that take care of the artists and who play the game with honesty. That’s how groups in the end, some interesting background information, on additional help from some collectors came to them. 

See also playlist here for more remarks on some of the tracks chosen for airplay.
Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/
with entry : http://gearfab.swiftsite.com/Catalog_List/catalog_220.html
Indiana beat magazine : http://www.midwestbeat.com/history_2.htm

-Other compilations from the same State Indiana are 'Dig That Rock & Roll From Indiana' (Wendi) and 'Hoosier Hot Shots: Indiana In The Garage Era' (Epilogue).-

Gear Fab  V.A. : Psychedelic States : Arkansas in the 60s vol. 1 (US,1965-1970)*°°

Most of this compilation is very enjoyable beat / rockabilly (a few tracks)/ freakbeat (1 track at least)/ beat-psyche or garage (1 track at least) but there are really little surprises that make any track distinctive enough outside usual references and stylistic marks. (There’s one band called The Shadows, but they are not related in any case to the more known group). Just the last two tracks makes it completely up for me. The Mercenaries’ ”Things found here” is a 1967 garage psych track with some organ. This is followed by the great, energetic and powerful track, “Apple Cider” by Five by Five, with upbeat drumming, an organ theme rhythmic repetition, a few electric freaky guitar passages, and crazy, pushing emotional vocals, about a girl living on apple cider. Like every 60s compilation from the label, almost every listed track has some background info on the bands or on the releases.

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/
with track info : http://gearfab.swiftsite.com/Catalog_List/catalog_222.html
Other review on http://shop.vh1.com/...
Dutch review : http://www.fileunder.nl/...

Gear Fab  V.A. : Psychedelic States : Colorado in the 60s -2cd- (US,1966-1969)***'/*°°

The label owner Roger Maglio shows how he personally still feels dearest to Colorado, having lived before a few years in Colorado, and the label soon will be located there, so also the music collection here (beat, garage, psych), compared to the previous issues, sounds rewarding, qualitative, and well compiled, and they could not help it, instead of waiting for two volumes, they made it immediately a double album. 
The compilation hangs together well and evolves and builds up well with tracks evolving from beat to psych very quickly on disc one, with tracks worth to discover. The compilation is stuffed, so needs multiple browsing and halts to uncover all of its rather interesting content. 
Strange surprise (except for the usual fine discoveries) and unusual for a Psychedelic States compilation is one Dylan influenced track by The Obvious, still fitting well between the other tracks. 

I have no idea if there is a real Colorado sound. Many of the early listed tracks fit well between UK and US psych. From The Monocles we can expect a full release/compilation later. Unfortunately, a few tracks are not of a too perfect quality, but still deserve to be heard. Also listed are several previously unreleased tracks/acetates. The collection on CD1 must interest the early psych and psychrock lovers.

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/
with track info : http://www.60sgaragebands.com/gearfabrecords.html

Gear Fab   V.A. : Psychedelic States : Wisconsin in the 60s (US,1964-1969)****

What I like best from more early 60s songs in garage/freakbeat and even rock’n roll/twist styles are some clear teenage stories with emotionality in the expression, and some early psych effects (fuzz, organ). This is the sort of music this compilation starts with. It doesn’t matter if some of these songs include easy rhymes, they are catchy and fun. This time all chosen songs have something to offer which is more than occasional, so there are many favourites, “next 21st of may” by Syndicate to start with. This quickly leads to even more catchy freakbeat songs ; many of them sound familiar, like classics, -are these covers or did I hear them before, I cannot recall-. For me, this is one of the most enjoyable and catchiest of the Psych States series I have heard before. Recommended : a perfect listen of over 77 minutes!  Well compiled !!

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/
with track info : http://www.clear-spot.nl/catalog/view.php?item_id=313890 

Gear Fab   V.A. : Psychedelic States : Missisippi in the 60s (US,1964-1969)***°

On this release we hear some ultra-compact and straight, short teenage and garage songs (in the beginning of the compilation mostly), some of them sounding like shortened Rolling Stones, then some psychedelic sounds with organ and fuzz (where the ‘Flower Power’ band’s track pretty much stands out with its freak-out parts, unfortunately taken from overplayed vinyl), some tracks influenced by Beatles harmonies (in that order), some rock ballads (one of them by The riviaires a bit amateurish, but with its own charm), a few more Beatles inspired tracks, some softer ballads and some 60s rockers, and one late funky-bluesy rocker (The Lancers).

The compilation again is enjoyable (74 minutes long), but for some of the more outstanding tracks the label should have worked better on the restoration of removal of vinyl distortion and dust.

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/

Gear Fab   V.A. : Psychedelic States : New York in the 60s vol.3 (US,1965-1970)****'

This might be one of the best and most consistent compilations from the label, revealing that what can be called a New York sound, which means rawly edged garage/punk directing towards psychedelia but with a definite MOD or Beatles influence in a true American way, and with teenage pop inspirations. The most garage-like tracks are the first tracks, but the styles don’t differ too much so most of the compilation sound like a similar approach towards a style with brighter and more song and style driven ideas. Even there are some exceptional tracks. I remember the fantastic psych single, “Tripsey” from Pebble Episode, from the great now deleted Beyond The Calico Wall compilation from 1993, which is a 60s highlighting must-have track. A few catchy songs too, like the song about the “Second best” girl from Household Sponge. The last track is exceptional too and shows very well the progression from this “New York” MOD sound to something more stretched, improvised and progressive. This track, “Destruction” by The Thrashing Butterflys of Divine Happiness, starts with Bach’s most known organ fuga, which is then mixed with electric guitar which starts to improvise and occasionally somewhat freak out in a rather bluesy way while the singer shows its roots in the mid to late 60s, the consistent drumming makes it attractive too. Perfectly compiled, a good one ! (over 77 minutes)

Audio : “Tripsey” from Pebble Episode
Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/

Excallibur           Springfield Park -MLP-(UK,1967-1968)*°

This is first ever release of a London based psychpop group with their recordings from 1967-1968. After an official more mainstream single in 1968 the group finally gave up in ’68. The never issued songs fit completely with the time perspectives of how 60’s psych pop sounded like, but they might not really have been capable of finding a strong outstanding sound or strong songs to distinguish themselves better. The vocals on some tracks are slightly out of tune, and the dynamism doesn’t come out as much as some of the more successful late 60’s bands It was nice enough music to listen to, but had no specific new ideas to offer.  It’s nice that the label made the effort to make history even more complete. But for the forementioned reasons I guess this album sadly will mostly appeal to those who look for the mainstream recognisable elements or for the real completists. Only 550 of this mini LP were printed.

Label info : http://www.excaliburmusicgroup.nl/

Camera Obscura  Oyvind Holm : The Vanishing Act (N,2005)**°°

The cover of the album slightly recalls something typical visually of the mid 60’s : the flowery abstract forms of the wallpaper. Also the style on the album recalls all stylistic elements from the mid-to late neo-60’s psychedelic pop : Oyvind’s voice has these kind of 60’s almost-like-a-voice-on-the-telephone harmonies, somewhat Beatlesque-with-Lennon-vocals, the band has a very strong playing with a strong song-orientated structure, and the 'Sunday afternoon' lyrics.  The songs are kept simple but crafted and wrapped in the stylistic mid-to later neo 60’s carpet.

There's just a bit more focus on the songwriting, accompanied by song and band. Oyvind Holm is singer and songwriter of the Norwegian psych-pop band The Dipsomaniacs (-see below-).

Audio : "Salt Mutated Summer Breeze" (or through opening this page first)
& 4 more tracks : http://www.myspace.com/oyvindholm
Video : "Salt-Mutated Summer Breeze"
Homepage : http://www.oyvindholm.com/
Label info : http://www.cameraobscura.com.au/cam072.htm

Norway label version : http://www.cutwaterrecords.com/~cutwaterreco/label/releases.htm
Nordic review : http://www.rockeweb.com/holm-oyvind.htm

Camera Obscura   Dipsomaniacs : Stethoscopic Notion (N,2001)***

This is pop-psychedelia with late 60’s vocals and nice arrangements embedded in a very tasty, nice sweet-rocking, poppsych style. "Fair-Weather Friend" has a clear Byrds influence. Very enjoyable. Very sixtyish stylistic music. Only the last track, "Gum-machine gamble sounds a bit more like a singer-songwriter ballad, still with a similar flavour.

next Dipsomaniacs album->

Camera Obscura  Dipsomaniacs : Praying Winter (N,2003)***'

This 2003 release is a bit more song-pop stylish, with much more song orientation. It has all very melancholic-sad tracks, still done with much attention for the sake of the style. This makes this release very different from the previous one. One could easily feel the kind of melancholy, whatever it can be of any kind of emotional incompleteness or unfulfilledness or whatever, because it’s present in every song. A fitting release to go with a tastful descriptive music deeper into this feeling.

Homepage : http://www.dipsomaniacs.com/
Other webpage : http://www.psychedelic-music.net/pmdb/db3/db_band.php4?id=16

Audio 2001 album : "Stethoscopic Notion", "Fair-Weather Friend"
Label entry : http://www.cameraobscura.com.au/cam047.htm
Other reviews of 2001 album : http://www.lunakafe.com/moon62/no62.php

Audio 2003 album :"Caught By This Feeling", "Someday Soon"
Other reviews of 2003 album : http://www.fakejazz.com/reviews/2004/dipsomaniacs.shtml
German review : http://www.swamp-room.de/shop/...

Krazy WorldV.A. : World Beaters volume 3 (VA,2005)*°°

After 11 for me only 'just ok' tracks of the earliest period of mod and beat, we hear a very good collection of later 60’s beat, freakbeat, punk and 60’s psych from various places from all over the world (Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, the East). The compilation is well done also because the styles and songs fit well together. After a great upbeat early psychrock with heavy female vocals from the Honeycombs (UK), another upbeat track is added for instance, and after a weird horror hop track, “Cementerio” track from Saicos (Peru), about a cemetery, very fitting also is the “Witch Girl” from Mystrys, which includes ghostly background vocals. From hereafter all great mid and end 60’s tracks with psych and fuzz elements follow. Only the last two tracks were a bit less my cup of tea. Well done, but a shame no info at all is added.

Krazy World  V.A. : World Beaters 4 (VA,2005)***

Like the previous album the genres fit well together. This comipilation starts with an immediate interesting beat music. Very attractive is the Beatlesque verision of “Scotch” by the Swiss group Gentleman, or the wild “Donde Vas” from the Argentine Gatos Salvajes, the ballad “What can I do” by Derek Lee, the rhythmic craziness on “Dluggo Sie Znamy” from Polanie from Poland, the speeded up fun from Hong Kong “She’s so fine” by Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, the pleasant sax use on “What kind of Love” from Spies (Greece), then comes a few more rocking tracks like the track with a hard drive on “Forest of my place” from the Dragons (Greece), or the Belmonts (Mexico), or another one with fuzz from Blizzards (Germany) or almost screaming out loud heavy rock from 4PK (Holland), all examples of tracks that I like well amongst similarly pleasant examples with no real exception. There’s no reason not to like beat music from outside the Anglofile countries, which this compilation again proves.

Dutch review of volume 3 & 4 : http://www.fileunder.nl/archives/2005/11/va_worldbeaters.php

Kissing Spell Focal Point : First Bite of the apple : 
the complete recordings 1967-68 (UK,re.2005)***°

After having met Paul McCartney who was walking his dog, this Liverpool group really thought they were going to make it, and everything seemed to go in that direction. Terry Doran from Apple loved it, resulting in 4 tracks recorded tracks for a 1968 EP. Their manager managed support gigs for Alan Price, Stevie Winwood, Chris Farlowe and The New Yardbirds (who would change their name in Led Zeppelin soonafter). They recorded more songs for Decca for their next contract but that never happened, and nothing else really happened. Even when the group continued to play until mid 1969, Deram still made no efforts of publishing anything else, so the group disbanded at the end of that year.

Most studio-recorded songs are in a well fitted together sweet pop-psyche style which could have gone well together to make an album, even when they only had a small studio available to make their recordings work. Only two of the recordings are slightly different in style, which is the upbeat slightly American “Goodbye Forever” and the eastern folk psychedelic “‘cept me”..  

Extensive liner notes on history with a few old news paper remarks and notes with the individual songs makes this publication extra attractive. There are 4 extra songs in demo versions added as bonus tracks which make the collection very complete.
This release shows how Focal Point surely would have made an enjoyable pop-psyche album if they would have had the chance. Never the less this collection makes it up although somewhat belatedly.

Info : http://www.marmalade-skies.co.uk/focalpoint.htm
Homepage : http://www.focalpointtheband.com
Other review on http://www.shindig-magazine.com/reviews-jan2006-1.html

Lion Prod.Sunlight : Creation of Sunlight (US,1968)***°

Creation are a Southern Californian band which appeared at first as Torgues, then as Sunlight Seven with a single in 1968 on Entra records. There should also be at least one side of an acetate copy with seven songs, an album which still is in the hands of a private collector. 5 songs out of seven finally appeared on the LP recorded in the same year for Windi records, under the band name of Creation with three additional tracks to it. The cover must have confused some collectors for “Creation of Sunlight” as their LP was entitled. For the same label a single was also pressed with 2 more other songs. 2 songs from the LP were pressed as a single too, confusingly this was done under the band name of “Creation of Sunlight”. All songs from the LP, and this single are remastered and appear on this first official cd reissue. The earlier single is included here as the extra bonus tracks. For the two missing acetate tracks we can only guess how they sounded, and no-one can really tell if some songs aren’t different versions either. Their 1968 album was bootlegged various times, starting already in 1976 on a Brazil label, Private Records, followed by a bootleg reissue on a white Windi Records label in the late 80’s or early 90’s, a CD version on Mystic 7 records in 1997, an official LP reissue on Void Records in 2002 and now finally the first official remastered CD reissue.

The style they say is influenced by Strawberry Alarmclock. It is sunny and somewhat light or happy but always clever Californian beach pop with a psychedelic direction, especially because of the straight forward and well and tightly arranged happy electric guitars and some flute, the sweet beats, and the always swirling organ. Especially “hammond eggs” has a trippy effect with more rocking rhythms and really great organ.

Like each Lion Production release I know of the CD includes a nice booklet with lyrics, some pictures and a biography of the band.

An album surely worth checking out.

Info : http://www.ratolaser.hpg.ig.com.br/creation.htm & http://www.chezgrae.com/...
Other review : http://www.lysergia.com/AcidArchives/lamaArchiveC.htm

Voodoo Rhythm Rec.Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! : Cantan En Espanol (SP,2006)***'

This is a great Spanish band with a loaded punkabilly/garagesurf style of partygang madness calibre, fast and heavy, with the music filled deep into the pores, with an overloaded energy and an always over-the-top feeling with smoked drunk & dirty voodoo-witchdoctor vocals with some horror woohahaha effects, with fuzz, bass and organ & wild drumming.

Audio : "Rey de Tablistas" & at http://www.gabbagabba.net/popup.htm
Homepage : http://www.gabbagabba.net/bandas/wau.htm
Band info : http://www.voodoorhythm.com/wau-y-los-arrrghs.html
Label info : http://www.voodoorhythm.com/VR1229.htm
More pictures : http://www.slovenly.com/wau/
Other review : http://www.ipunkrock.net/more_imprime.php?id=2623_0_1_0_M
Album for sale at http://www.drunkabilly.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1304 (belgium) 
& (with upcoming German review) : http://www.greenhell.de/katalog/...

private    Dreamies : 2006 special edition Bill Holt (US,1973)***°°

Dreamies was an ambitious conceptual musical project by Bill Holt who quit his job in 1972 to prepare for what would result in this album after 15 months of work. It was inspired on The Beatles “Revolution number 9” from The White album, a track which used some tape reverb and collage ideas. This and what he read on ideas from contemporary composers like John Cage and musique concrete and a few other minor things developed his idea of what would become this album, with just 2 large tracks full of sound collage, sampled dialogues, including political and journalist commentary, and sound effects mixed with a melodic foundation of acoustic songs with acoustic guitar, mixed with moog sounds, and just a few additional Beatlesque harmonies.

The experiments were made possible with a TEAC 3340, a useful home model of a reel-to-reel four-track tape recorder. Many of the mixes were hand cut and taped recording fragments like it was usual these days. It had taken Bill Holt 15 months to record the album. Some of the instruments being used were an early moog synthesizer and an ovation acoustic guitar. This reissue was remastered from an in 1974 printed LP.

I had a previous reissue once, liked it, but at that time I found it slightly demanding in its complete score and sold it again when I needed some money, with some regret. With this advanced-sound reissue I had once more an opportunity to dig back into this album. The 2 tracks are now listenable into different parts.

On the website of Bill Holt have collected various video-fragments related with journalism, or other politically associated ideas. Also this album can be regarded as a collection which works as a dreamy vision, into its time perspective, with some chaotic events occurring that time. It could work as a recording into music of how aliens could see all things that were happening in that time, in a world perspective influenced by media, while the songs are the human inspiration of someone living in that, sometimes rather chocking modernised world. The second track is darker and more experimental, and works much more like a dream getting back in mind all previous visions. It ends with nightmarish droning electronics, and a slight return of the whole human vision..

Unfortunately for Bill Holt, he had to return to a normal job, because the album only gave him a "legendary" status, but like with most musical interesting projects (like with literature) it only became history and didn't reach a wide public.

Audio :  "Program Ten Part Five", Program Ten : "Sunday Morning Sun", "Program Ten Part Six", "Program Eleven Part Three
More audio fragments : http://www.cduniverse.com/search...
Contact Bill Holt on this edition here with his homepage http://www.dreamies.com
Review : http://www.fusetronsound.com/label.php?whomart=DREAMIES
& (with audio) http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:2227gjir66iv
Italian review : http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/dreamies/dreamies/
PS. Remarks on The Beatles "Number 9" : http://www.kingtet.com/number9.htm

PS. Another remarkable / comparable to check out album, also as another example of a huge work of art with tape cut-and-slicing is White Noise : An Electric Storm (US,1969)*****, a truly masterpiece from the late '60s, and one of my favourite 60's albums.

Excallibur         Julia P : Making up for lost time (NL,2005)**°'

Julia P is lead by singer Marloes Vermeulen, who started to call herself Julia P. whilst in a trio called Julia P.Hersheimer in 1991. Since 1997 she started to perform solo under the Julia P name with a few releases. On this LP are some guest appearances from musicians who were in Dutch 60's-style groups like Treble Spankers and KEK '66. 

And her songs have a kind of naive happiness from the late 60's when things seemed relatively simple or just open and renewing. All is typical for 60's : like kids with simple drum kit, bass and strummed acoustic and some amplified guitar arrangements', the sweet "papapaa" backing vocals, the happy rhythms, and the short songs. I don't think it makes up for lost time (see title) for Julia P, but it brings back the lost good feeling of what was felt as being the best possible times. Her vocals are charmingly delightful and sweet, with the necessary true 60's spirit with a feeling of a slightly dreaming-away-in-things. There's a slight acid-folk feeling present, and a catchy song related pop element. There are also tiny surprising, still simple and naive elements like banjo, (amplified) sitar added by the guest appearances. The singer-songwriting is more or less completely adapted into the 60's pop feeling. Never the less most of the songs on side B are not really related to any time, but are slightly more focused song expressions. I will still say it's a nice, mostly 60's album done in 2005.

Audio : "Hideaway", "We Are Not Alone"  
Info : http://www.popinstituut.nl/bez/bz327.htm
Label info : http://www.excaliburmusicgroup.nl/

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Gear Fab   V.A. : Psychedelic States : Maryland in the 60s (US,1965-1970)****

I would consider it as a difficult task to compile bands from each state, and then still make it sound like a good to listen to compilation. Gear Fab with this double CD succeeded on the first CD to make it even sound like nearly like a compilation of one band with different inspirations. The first CD is compiled with early 60s tracks and is the most attractive side to me, which is basic garage, teen ballads and love songs, full of need. Nearly every band uses electric rhythm guitars, screaming or a voice in need lead vocals with harmony backing vocals responses, with rather up-tempo energy/ rhythms. I love it that amongst the love songs are some complaints about girls too (Attic Sounds). A first psychedelic track is “Sweet Live” by The Urch Perch, with a Stellar Overdrive bass, heavy guitars, a punkish attitude, definitely under influence of some experimental pill, with very good musical result (not sure about the psychological effect).  Also exceptional is Tomorrow’s People’s “Cumberlad Railroad”, based upon an acoustic guitar rhythm keeping up with railroad train tracking sounds. Bob Brady & The Con Chords track’s singing has a touch of soul. Different is also Sodom & Gomorrah, who performs with a Mamas & Papas influence in the vocal harmonies. Another bad love trip is  "watch out” by Paper Cup

The second CD shows the evolution from garage over freakbeat towards psychedelia pop, which introduces organ, some Byrds guitars, and more stretched psychedelic guitars. The songs, being inspired by love life teenage fantasies aren’t too different yet, but the psychedelic effect makes them more introvert, dreamier, which for the type of songs doesn’t make them more straight to the point, and still not something from a better worked out area coming to real psych, a total different area of expression. Different on this CD is The Fallen Angels because of their slightly Donovan sounding voice and acoustic touch mixed with garage and blues/rock. 

The double CD gives us the time to acclimatize towards a later genre of styles, at the same time it gives us a musical order of logic to the ears that makes this a successful compilation to listen to as well.

Label : http://www.swiftsite.com/gearfab/