Philosophical essay on what is ‘kindabuffer’ ?...

Thinking about the thoughts expressed in some esoteric and related philosophical writings what has been written about ‘kundabuffer’, I take this opportunity to develop some philosophy on my own about the subject.

This easily brings us to the subject of the origins of human consciousness. It is also clear to scientists that after the forming of DNA, through following certain codes, a certain evolution appeared, that grew through different shapes. Following a pure Darwin-like vision of evolution however does not seem to satisfy and explain the whole series of events or the whole evolution process. This lack of true explanation, leads easily to different ideas, like the naïve religious thought that there must have been an immediate moment of procreation of life and of mankind. But also this thought can be derived towards some other truths, which is that, besides a physical evolution process there also exists a conscious creative process. Non-religious modern people interpreted from some old ancient and native stories that there must have been an intermission from outside that stimulated the forming of something like the DNA, like an alien or an extra-terrestrial force, thus explaining perhaps how we as humans are still primitive but already independent thought-beings but still are so little concerned with harmonising with the earthly processes. Some religions describe the moment of creation of man as a deliberate act of the creation of man by God or by angels, after having made all other creatures (and universe), as a finalization of some creative process. The esoteric teachings that I know of describe this process in more detail, and describe the evolution in some way as a parallel condensing process of imagination to create life forms, from the first life in the sea, until the final product that is man. Of course also older texts all are based upon visualization of our own mind, so I assume they also are about how our consciousness itself took shape.
The description of this condensing process, making evolutionary materialistic life forms, also describes how the first 'conscious' beings were ethereal and in the end materialised a final result in mankind. These esoteric teachings describe also how animals are all pre-dating aspects that received a life on their own, before the final product of mankind appeared. (I tell already now that some teachings also say that it is only now, in this evolution state, that man stand on top of the chain, but that in future evolutions, the now slower evolving creatures, like birds -firstly-, and the trees in a next phase-, one day will have evolved even further). Strangely enough, if you follow a purely materialistic vision, it seems that this whole idea of such an evolution seems to fit, because so much DNA is related with one another, that first of all, we are not so different with other animals (99% of DNA in most species are the same, with even not so many differences between a mouse, a pig, an ape, a Chinese, an Indian, ... even when the human species have a few aspects that makes them still different enough). Secondly, the different elements developed in our evolution process that were developed during certain evolution processess (that we still call the survival of the fittest), like the appearance of a nervous system, with the jelly fish, the development of the reptilic brain, with reptiles and so on, to name a few more known aspects, also overlap with the same idea. On the other hand a pure survival of the fittest coincidental evolutionary factor does not explain this process enough.
Simultaneously, there seems to be a making and a following of a certain order of a plan. Also, this plan can not alone be derived too simply to the coded evolution process, because is it only conincidence that led to this code generator ? It is because also the physical evolutionary process seems simultaneously following some higher structures with their own striving and comes to a conscious life form. It seems that our human consciousness, which I still see as the true centre of our imagination to explain all this, lies really somewhere in between two processes that both want to become a lifeform with its own survival tendency. The learning evolution process of the DNA tends to keep itself strong to maintain all its information safe for any future forms, but also the conscious process to some degree has its own survival way out, and tends to keep its life going on and in evolution, and even seems to be able to maintain a certain consciousness going on now and then (see further down). It seems like that our consciousness not only lies in between both processes, but can also feel both processes during deeper meditation. It is not clear to me if there really was another thought process going on before the appearance of our own, that there was a higher entity or not, that created us. It is anyhow a fact that our consciousness underwent a longer process of condensing thoughts until it had this sort of life form that took its shape. The forming of consciousness, in a religious way, describes it in terms of angels or God created man, while non-religious people describe it as if aliens or extra-terrestrial life deliberately created the DNA code both with a thoughtful plan beforehand. If there was a planning beforehand or not, the consciousness makes itself its evolutionary planning, and with it there co-exist an evolution of a consciousness. The fact we have this consciousness and how it works still has its advantages and disadvantages, but might still not bring a garantee of a perfect and positive result. The idea of the few who connect the evolution of our human DNA with some extra-terrestrial origin, might give a reason that explains how we ourselves are so alienated with the earth, and while we still are so primitive, but already have such a consciousness, which is so much a danger, that we might even destroy our own environment because we are not connected enough with it. Further on however I will give the reason for this in a different explanation. But somehow it seems to be an experiment, from nature, or decided from somewhere else. (Good results are not yet garanteed I guess we still desperately need the development of a next step).

The two evolution processes in our conscious being might be connected with the two most important break-through energetic processes that we can find in our body, and which are also connected with our DNA. DNA has upwards and downwards strings, but also junk DNA for experimenting connections before making real moves of change (?). (I personally think that the energy processes described in Kabbala have a much more physical origin than is generally understood). Before talking again about this middle connection in which we are now, let us first split and analyze both, most different evolution processes within ourselves...

The awareness of 'consciousness' seems also to originate from higher self-organizing structures. For there or from this viewpoint, these now seem to be temporally living in the physical vehicle. When seperating this, this idea results in the stories and in the seeking of man to go and return to his originating awareness, to a spiritual world, to a non-physical state of existence, which translated mostly into a wish to return to God ("where we come from"). Several sources in this association often refer here to the idea of a “soul”.
The other part of consciousness is connected with the pure physical origin of growth, which is reaching for more physical freedom of expression. When seperated, they are often expressed by “draconian” powers. I recently found a source reporting that some people who had experienced with ayahuasca, some natural hallucinogens, were able to look deeper into this nature. One investigator, Harner reported that "The creatures showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation – hundreds of millions of years of activity – took place on a scale and with vividness impossible to imagine. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man. They were the true masters of humanity and the entire planet, they told me. We humans were but the receptacles and servants of these creatures. For this reason they could speak to me from within myself. In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA, although at that time, in 1961, I knew nothing of DNA…".

When using a combination of powers to liberate the entire being in the highest stringed energy this process is called the liberation of the 'kundalini'. In some way I have the feeling that this process liberates the consciousness from but also with a solving of the physical processes. But there also exist an opposite process, which is meant to liberate the draconian powers confirming the bodily desires, in some form of black sexual magic, which I assume is not really necessary for the development of the whole process, but is a process that can be used for temporally self-fulfilment (?). In the last case, not the word kundalini, but the word ‘kundabuffer’ is mentioned...

I understand that it is the easiest way to focus upon the lighter idea of the ‘soul’, even when this might not be understood well. In general the emphasized focus on this, often it tells more something about these people using religion and related philosophies of their wishes that they do not like physical life very much and wants to flee from here. In reality focussing on one of both processes alone I don’t think can make any concrete result, but even will spoil the other evolution process, so that a real liberation can only be wished for but always will lack a real foundation or at least confirmation from the other part of the process. I still think both processes have their own purpose, that they can coexist and make us aware of all, at the same time.

‘Kundabuffer’ is being described as the opposite evolution of the inner fire (which in a higher form is kundalini), making the physical (or body of) desires that are in us more conscious. The origins of this ‘kundabuffer’ brings us the story of the Garden Of Eden. That story I assume describes a certain evolution point in the consciousness of man. I assume it is about the point that men developed his mental consciousness. Simultaneously it makes him realize for the first time, and from a distance, his desires (that is where Adam takes a leaf to put before his genitals). Some sources describe that before this point we had an organ called the ‘kundabuffer”, the devil’s tail, which I also assume is even literally a tail. At that point I assume that when we still had a tail, we were also at one with the energy processes on earth. This is associated with Lemurian times. (Theosophy says that we weren't entirely physical yet, more in a dream-state, but it probably meant that human consciousness wasn't entirely there, and that we were physically still half man and half animal). Because of the one-ness with that earth energy it is said we were almost like machines (-an idea which was wrongly interpreted and led to films like 'the Matrix-), which means that we were just like animals that cannot change their natural fate and circumstances, because we were bound to follow all processes literally. Those who tried to change some processes literally were rebels who had enormous processes working against them, so that this goal was almost impossible to achieve. With the getting rid of the organ, the 'kundabuffer', I guess this was also the moment when the mental consciousness was born. This gave man the opportunity to look at a distance on things, but this quality had also some consequences. Not only men were still dealing with personal desires (in Lemurian times the energy of desire could be so big it could turn into perversity, because that was the only kind of energy that could be librated easily). Secondly it was the beginning of a false idea of men of having an ego centre, of an “I” feeling, as if being the centre of the world. Now, not only he could finally be able to work against all processes, originally meant to be a process to make a certain inner-liberation, he could also be identified with it, as with a selfish liberation process. He now was also able to develop an ego, which could make him a selfish being. That is the heritage of this. The Garden of Eden story told how man became cursed and could no longer live in the Garden of Eden ; this didn’t mean he could no longer evolve, but this time, through the birth of mental consciousness, now it became more like his own responsibility. This new process becomes a very long way of growth, because firstly man still has to get rid of this over-emphasized centre of importance before turning again to a more humane process. In this case Gurdjieff and others say that this “I” feeling which makes a “personality”, to a degree still is temporary. If one is able to realize this one day, together with that there still is a deeper connecting essence behind the three different ways of thinking we now have made. (Humans are described by Samuel Aun Weor as a three brained entity, possibly this is also connected with the lower centres of motoric and desiring centre, the heart and the middle centre and the head or the mental centre). When only the desires are being followed, this still refers back to the heritage of the kundabuffer state of mind, so that only the selfish desires are being confirmed. This is stimulated by the activation of a self-confirming sexual energy, which is in a simple form connected with all kinds of addictive processes, a downwards process that keeps us grounded and bound (to all draconian powers as a matter of saying). This opens, according to “the mystery of the golden blossom” doorways to the lower abdomen (the seven infernal chakras) and converts us into perverse demons. With such sexual practices, energy that should rise up and liberated is rejected and returns to the “atomic infernos” of our human being, forming the tail of Satan, the kundabuffer or negatively polarized kundalini.

One other internet source ( describes the ‘kundabuffer’ as “that which blocks the free will”. I think that is not really true. Free will is a quality that arose together with the fall in the Garden of Eden. I always connect the Garden of Eden story to the fall of Lucifer on earth and his change in form into Satan. So, in his previous state, when the archangel Lucifer wanted to have a free will, he was punished and was cast down onto earth. Therefore he visualized his creations on earth, connected with earthbound processes, and started as a jealous pseudo-God or shadow of God, as a ruler over the earth, as Satan with his draconic powers, to make man bound to them, before he will be able to discover but with truth what is not only a free will, but which only a social sacrifice (?) can liberate (according to Samuel Aun Weor in his book "to get rid of Satan's Tail'). Satan however is like the reality of binding processes to the earth. That is how he is often presented as a wise but tricky person. If conditions are well, the freeing of its processes goes spontanuously and like love, unrestricted without harming anybody, but by saving the freedom processes on earth, saving the earth, a sacrifice with good results if allowed to happen. Those whoever who are still completely bound to earthly conditions and often claim to know Satan's bounds well, in a world which they can hardly can fulfill all conditions for their desires, they will fight with terror against all such spontanuous love, because they do not understand this 'spirituality of the physical world', and prefer to imagine a better world in their mind completely seperate from this earthly existence, while wishing to destroy what is physically really possible. In reality they simplify to high degree, and as disconnected as they are they will mention all the things they dislike, but in reality are some kind of idiot.

I am still sure men remains this combination of both principles : he still wants to be free but needs to learn to do this according to “higher” principles. Here I will conclude in a way like Samuel does : As long as man does not sacrifice his ego to a larger process to liberation of mankind, he will still continue to pursue his desires, and serve the earth as his slave. Such a man creates difficult energies which makes life on earth a difficult struggle outside a world governed by personal sacrifice-demanding desires. Such a man, (who is but an idiot), according to Gurdjieff and others is not reborn, but the energies more likely are adapted and recycled and this will continue to make things uneasy. (How many couples are there who are forced to marry and are not bound by a natural love, are bound to this lower energy which makes things much more uneasy? How can such children liberate themselves from such heritage easily without making any sacrifice?). On the other hand when a man realizes his true centre and sacrifices this to benefit the whole range of existing processes, an extra life energy is already born, that can be regenerated as a life energy as well, to become a true incarnation that will be able to solve the issues of evolution processes in mankind, as a conscious entity.

Gerald Van Waes, (copyright, 2007)