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Sh.Tg.N. ('12)

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Moonjune Rec.      Sh.Tg.N. (B,2012)****

SH.TG.N. is a Belgium band with a list of members from various backgrounds that should make their mixture of talents more interesting rather than starting from a prepared concept. In that way, the band from a classically trained/jazz and rock background come to something of their own very spontaneously simply because of that mix. The instrumental band core has something of a R.I.O. band with the more jazzy and improvised vibraphone and a tendency to improvise. After they also attracted a singer too, they became more like an extended rock band with different than usual edges, as if expanding the rock idea with a talent of free improvisation and influences from styles that also include even a touch metal or distorted heavy rock. The singing part makes their music more aggressive (the way this is sung), but also gives it a more spontaneous progression, as if being a improvised band by inspiration. It redefines the idea of rock with a more progressive rock background, though it is more aggressive and pushed forward by it by the generally over-intellectualised forms of progressive music around nowadays, which is a good thing. There’s a very live energy involved.

Sh.Tg.N. is vibraphonist and bass player Wim Segers, bass player Dries Geusens, drummer Simon Segers, keyboard player Antoine Guenet (The Wrong Object), guitarist Yannick De Pauw and vocalist (English mostly) Fulco Ottervanger

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