SJH mvdYu Seok Suh & He Eun Yang (KO,1973)****°
Tr.1, "The fairy" 6 min (YSS)
Tr.3, "Scarecrow" 4 min (YSS)
Tr.6, "Your dream" 5 min (HEY)
Tr.7, "I don't know it ..." 4 min (HEY)18 -78
Classic reissue with very beautiful folkpsych-rock songs. The first track is one of my real favourites.
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"Seo Yoo-Seock's Shin Jung Hyun songs collection. From this record only the side A songs were reissued only CD format together with the Yang Hee Eun record in 2003. Side A songs are Shin Jung Hyun's songs ; Side B are other music writers songs. I think that this record is a good folk rock or psychedelic folk album from Korea.
Personally I still think that Korea best folk rock album is a Kim Jung-Mi's "Now" as a total album, while Korea best folk rock song is a Seo Yu-Seok's "Seonnea" or "The fairy" is a more progressive and acid folk song. Especially you can hear great harp, violin, cello session, string session, Shin Jung Hyun's wawa guitar sounds, oboe, Bass guitar at this song. A real Korean acid folk masterpiece song!!" Folkie Jin

audio  track 9 ; see also and

Music Research  Seo Yoo Seok/ Suh Yu Seokh : (2nd album) (KO,1973,re.2005)*°

Acoustic Popfolk/singer. Good voice but I hear little succesful efforts that create much of  originality in the instrumentations, musical explorations or arrangements (but perhaps track 9 is such an effort).

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Yu Seuk Suh/Yoo-Seok Seo/ Yu-Seok Seo

CD (LP 1972), CD (LP 1973), CD (LP 1973)

FontanaYo Seuk Suh : I want to see my mother (SK,1972)***+
possible airplay : 1,3,4,10,12

I heard three albums by Yu Seokh Suh. This one was reissued some while ago in a limited edition, -if I remember well it was done by by Riverman-, but I never found a copy of it.  Luckily I was asked through e-mail about this album and was sent an audio copy so I was able to hear it. It surely is amongst the good albums of folk-pop song music from the era. We hear somewhat hum-along slightly melancholic, often mellow ballads sung (in Korean) by male voice and for the first track second female voice and accompanied by a foundation of acoustic pickings. There are some accents by mouth harmonica in a Bob Dylan or a more sad fashion, and a few oboe arrangements (3,6). These pickings are always nice and the voice convincing. Of course we also have some mellow covers, like from “Scarlet Ribbon”, not particularly a favourite song, which also includes some orchestrations and also a translated in Korean and therefore a bit less recognisable “Blowin in the wind” (Dylan) accompanied by pickings and with some harmony vocals. 

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