CD (LP 1984,re.2008)

Riverman    Tarotogachi : Alone Together (KO,1984)**°
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Although some of songwriters continue something of the 70s tradition,
their production ways change also in Korea, and the "real" feeling and creative era is gone.
Also this album has already much less interesting sound than the 70s stuff.

Also in Korea the 80s had influences from a different production than before, which often might make the music sound more superficial, so like many people and for that reason, I will always remain a bit sceptical towards 80s albums, but I shouldn't be too quick on this one. Tarotogachi's album is tasteful soft somewhat western-styled folk-pop/rock album of a laidback nature, with Korean lyrics and with an honest emotionality. It has many beautiful more or less melancholic moments. It has been described as having an acid association which is not entirely correct or does not place the album well, especially not with this in mind and you put it on you will find the right appreciation. The approach still has much of 70s folkpop but in some of the early tracks you can also hear a finishing touch with synthesisers which were more typically done in the 80s, although within the full album's concept this is acceptable, and on the few other tracks this is mixed in softly and with much subtle care. Melodically several of the songs are recognisable, sometimes as different and original versions of similar songs. Track 3 is a bit more mellow and mainstream with a rock element compensation for this. The fourth track has distinctive nice to pick out dual vocals. The 6th track some people will be reminded melodically of Pink Floyd on Dark Side Of The Moon. The ninth acoustic song has beautiful dual pickings and vocals. The last track is also special for its beautiful melancholic electric guitar. Despite the first few tracks giving a wrong impression of dating the style, this is worth discovering and very enjoyable, with a melancholic flavour. Remastered, limited edition of 1000 copies.

PS. The female singer had a solo career as Woo Soon-Sil

Translation of titles : "As You Hate", "First Love Puppy Love", "Curtains, and the turning over of the Curtains", "If it goes on like this, I do", "Hauge", "Even the stars in the sky are asleep", "Bright night, I am with you", "That day some day"

Forced Exposure : "Originally released in 1984 by Dae Seong Records, now remastered in a 24-bit remaster. Totally obscure Korean record full of truly spacy, sensitive A.M. balladry and acoustic finger-plucking with moments of greasy guitar shredding, jazz-piano, melodica and synth licks. Extremely pretty male and female vocal harmonies bolster the overall grand emotional arc of this record, which could be the tear-filled soundtrack to some sort of bizarre, candy-colored-cloud dream you've just had. There are some hidden ghostly folk gems and Floydian flourishes on here, too. The Korean Off Course (Japan) on acid. Back and inside cover features photos of the band having tea and looking somber/completely stoned. Housed in a miniature-replica paper sleeve with liner notes in Korean. "

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