JLS-120985 ?? 1975

This record was reissued as "best of" compilation as "Yupjeons best instrumental songs collection" in CD format in 1994. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam (Drum), Wang Jun-Ki(Flute). 16 until 17 are Yupjeons instrumentals. New member Flutist Wang Jun Ki participated at these instrumentals.So these albums have more unique and various sounds and you'll hear to great and stable Yupjeons's Music performances.

No info known for this album. http://www.maniadb.com/album.asp?a=146019

demo 1974. No info known.

JLS-1201027 1974      reissue

This record reissued on CD format in 1994. He wrote very wholesome lyrics at these album. The government restricted the songs at the first album as being immoral song lyrics.
This album is a great Korean hard rock styled music.  Review of reissue >
LP overview and reissues

Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns/ Yupjeons / Coins

LP & recording overview, CD & CD (LP (1974), CD (LP 1975,re.1994), CD (LP 1975,re.1994)

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JiguShin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns : vol.2 (KO,1975,re.1994)***°/**°'

A good album of psych-rock style with some nice close harmony vocals, but there are also a few more smoothly going songs, probably a demand from the label. Still a fine album, clearly from a good band which (like instrumental best) hold their temprament back quite a bit. I didn't airplay it because it doesn't add much more to the last album & tracks..

Listing on http://rateyourmusic.com/.. ; Korean interview on http://www.weiv.co.kr/...

Other review on http://shamethreshold.blogspot.com/2008/12/shin-jung-hyun-yup-yuns-vol2.html :

"This one is a pretty short little number clocking in at about 28 minutes with 8 tracks. Most of the album is truthfully pretty pedestrian. The songs are sub par psychedelic folk tunes with repetitive licks. The real significance of this album is that it includes the earliest recording I could find (granted this is not a definitive statement on the progression of this song) of Shin Jung Hyun's masterpiece "Beautiful Country" or sometimes referred to as "Beautiful Korea."  The song itself has an interesting history.  The song was a response to President Park Chung Hee's request that the S. Korean rock legend write a song praising the president's grandeur. SJH flatly refused and instead wrote a song praising his country. The song is pretty epic. The version on this album is one of the shorter ones I have come across, clocking in at 7:56. Most versions of the song seem to hover around 8-10 minutes long.  While the version on Vol. 2 is probably my least favorite and most straight forward, it is still an amazing accomplishment and it is no wonder SJH continued to rework and revisit this song throughout his career. The song is punctuated by long, groovy psychout guitar solo's, beautiful vocals, and a wonderfully circular song structure.  The song conjures images of Korean hippies spinning around atop a beautiful pastoral hillside until they fall down only to stay on the ground and stare at shape shifting clouds. Totally Epic. Totally Rad."
* Jigu Rec. Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns: vol. 1 (KO,1974)**°°
(CD-version=second LP version) digipack
Chosen for first radio showair play : Tr.1, "Beautiful woman" 4 min,Tr.6, "Woman"3 min,
Tr.7, "The Exciting" 3 min,Tr.9, "I don't know" 4 min 14

Very good, fine psych-rock/hard rock album, with here and there some blues-rock elements. Last track on the album is a blues-rock improvisation, with some dirty fuzz touches. Very unique is also the combination of original Korean music with western elements. On first track this can be described as Korean music with some Hendrix influence or so.

Audio track : http://www.weiv.co.kr/ram/0412101.ram

* Jigu Rec.Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns (KO,1974)***°
2nd pressing, jewel case edition
chosen for airplay : Tr.1, 4 min, tr.7, 3 min, tr.8, 3 min, tr.9, 4 min, tr.10, 8 min

The CD is still available as "Shin Jung-Hyun and the Coins": http://www.asiandb.com/store/detail.pfm?num=132
& http://www.koreainfogate.com/shop/movie/MDetail.asp?seq=132
Korean review : http://www.weiv.co.kr/review_view.asp?code=album&num=1864
Audio : Tr.8 Other track : http://osaka.cool.ne.jp/cheepnis/himitsu/wishes.rm
& http://www.myspace.com/shinjoonghyunandtheyupjunsafanpage
Other review : http://www.nowagainrecords.com/...
and for the second version on

"This record occupies the space between straight funk, psychedelic beat, and guitar shreddery. This is the earliest record I have from the "Godfather" and is a serious departure from his early work with the Add 4 during the 1960's. The record, which was originally released on Jigu records in 1974 (JLS-120984) is a solid affair, clearing showing SJH's progression from surf rock & roll to funk inspired psychedelia. The record exhibits solid funk baselines in most of it's songs and really feels inspired by American 70's funk (Think Curtis Mayfield's, Sly and the Family Stone, and a less dramatic Isaac Hayes).  The song lengths have moved from an average of 2.5 minute ditties in the Add 4 to about a minute longer, with that added time being spent less on catchy choruses and more on funked out instrumental solos (mainly drums and bass). In the pantheon of the "Godfather's" career it would seem that this album is a worthwhile exploration into funk music, showing hints (the last song, easily the longest at just shy of 7 minutes is an unexpected journey through a free jazz/psychrock landscape) into the impending psychedelic boom that would characterize most of SJH's career. A worthwhile addition to collector's of asian psych rock and world funk. I give it a solid B, very listenable, while still managing to be interesting." Danny503

CD VERSION = 2nd LP version
JLS-120984 1975

Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam(Drum), Wang Jun-Ki(Flute). Review of reissue next
JiguShin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns : Instrumental Best (KO,1975,re.1994)****/***°
airplayed : Tr.2, "officer Kim returning from Vietnam" 4 min, Tr.4, "awaiting mind" 6 min
Tr.5, "woman in the middle of the rain" 5 min 14

This album is clearly played by a psych-rock band, but very relaxed and smoothly, like a public friendly instrumental album (as if assembling a sort of "easy listening psych-rock" album). The psych-rock band with guitarist Shin Jung Hyun, and a flute player occasionally playing as if replacing a singer is very attractive too. Quite funny is how the band on the 5th track took a moment to speed up the rhythm with a small freak-out occasion, laughing with the effect of it in the end. An extremely enjoyable album. Not very expensive actually, if you can find one. I recognised some of the "song" instrumentals..(like track 9).

Listing on http://rateyourmusic.com/... & also on http://rateyourmusic.com/...
* privateShin Jung Hyun & Coins: unreleased songs(KO,'74/'75)**°°°
airplayed : Tr.1,"The Fairy" 12 min, Tr.4, "I saw you..." 6 min,Tr.7, "In the Rain" 8 min 26

Radioshow comments : "The debut of Coins (as Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Yuns) I airplayed in the first radioshow. This unreleased album is musically much more interesting. "The Fairy" is a very slowly starting beautiful psych ballad with sweet vocals. Some psychedelic elements also slowly come in, and near the middle taking the track over, with an almost over-droning and repetitive bass and electric guitars improvisation with voice screams on the background. (I guess a slightly different mix could still improve the track, but in this form it doesn't miss its psychedelic effect either). The repetitive bass and improvisation is stretched to an unusual, perhaps almost unnecessary length (in this mix). It has some great wa-wa guitar passages and the already mentioned voice screams. "I saw you..." has a psych-rock improvisational playing with some psych effects on the electric guitar and some distortion effects on the voice ? I really like the singing too. It also experiments a bit in improvisation. Also "In the Rain" has this kind of psych-blues repetition drive influence, with electric guitar and some voice drive improvisation (early Jimmy Hendrix came from the same musical area of early inspiration). "

Musical performance by Yupjeons. This record reissued only CD in 2002.  A4-6 and B4-6 songs are not Kim Jung Mi songs and Shin Jung Hyun's songs, but by other singers and writers. At this album Kim Jung Mi's sexy and acidly voice meets Shin Jung Hyun's psychedelic pop feelings again. Some songs have a certain pop feelings but have also Shin Jung Hyun's great musicality with his group Yupjeons's musical performances.

"Groovy folk funk from mid 70s Korea -- mad, pulpy tunes from Kim Jung Mi -- possibly her best work ever! This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on -- this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work -- with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings! Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! 11 tracks in all. (Apologies for our lack of song titles -- all notes are Korean!) " Dusty Groove

See my separate page on Kim Jung Mi here

JLS-120891 1974
Shin Jung-Hyun and Yupjeons 1st (First pressing)

"First version of this record (Shin Jung Hyun & Coins) was reissued only CD format in 2003. But there are dubbed guitar sounds on the reissue of the CD. It is a Korean psychedelic rock masterpiece!! Only this album released about 500 copies only with a paper sleeve gate fold cover ! ! First pressing has not the A5 and B5 song, but only it just appeared the songs on the cover track list. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-Lee (Bass), Kim Ho-Sik(Drums). It is a different Musical performance and Drummer compared to the second pressing. First pressings were only given to a broadcasting station.  So it was a very rare and expensive these days.
The first pressing is in fact the best combination of styles (of Western rock
music combined with Korean traditional rhythms) of all his records. It is a great eastern pyschedelia!!  Only I just can say that "He almost completed his
hope (to combine Western music with Korean traditional rhythm) at this album."
Just you must feel it!! The CD reissue was published in 1994."

Shin Jung-Hyun and Yupjeons 1st (Second pressing)

Folie Jin : "This record was reissued on CD format in 1994. First pressing and Second pressing have different track list order, and music Performance. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam(Drum). This album is a Hard rock style of first pressings. But B5 is a great psychedelic instrumental song!!"

"Second pressing (Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns) members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam (Drums). It is a different Musical performance and Drummer compared to the second pressing. This album is a Hard rock style of first pressings. But B5 is a great psychedelic instrumental song!!" In general it had hard rock styled musical performances. The reason is that record company wants popular rock sounds, and while the first pressing is not, they wanted to record it again. That's how Shin Jung Hyun had to record it again. This second pressing is not so rare and low price (on CD)."  Folkie Jin

The item is still available on CD : http://www.asiandb.com/store/detail.pfm?num=132
& http://www.koreainfogate.com/shop/movie/MDetail.asp?seq=132
Audio : http://www.myspace.com/shinjoonghyunandtheyupjunsafanpage