Park Eun Ohk / Park Eun-Ok

CD (LP 1978/re.2008), CD (LP 1980/re.2008)
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* Music Research Park Eun Ohk : vol.2 (Some Strings Of Silk/For People Wo I love) (SK,1980,re.2008)**°
possible airplay : track 6

This is a good song/singer/songwriter album with a nice, slightly mellow flavour. Melodically it is not always surprising but it is everywhere enjoyable once you know it. The style compared to the 70s approach of folk has been softened a bit. The arrangements are good with several acoustic guitars, duo or solo clarinets and/or flute, some sparse violin string arrangements, some keyboards and electric piano, some electric bass and drums and in the first and fourth tracks I think a kind of balalaika-like approach of an additional arrangement, and an occasional mouth harmonica arrangement (on track 3). The second track is sung by male/female duet. I took out the sixth track for airplay. It is sung with an unclear melancholy of completely tempered or swallowed emotions, the voice expression coming out well, accompanied by picked guitar, electric piano, drum, electric bass. The 7th track is a lighter uptempo happy track that sounds a bit like a childrens song expression, accompanied by a string orchestra, flute and clarinet and band, and a part with happy whistling. While all tracks fit well together, the last track is different in style, and is a big hall entertainment song with louder vibrating voice, accompanied by a brass band combo, more related with what comes from the 50s and early sixties.

Korean info : http://www.maniadb.com/artist.asp?p=104514
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* Music Research Park Eun Ohk : vol.1 (SK,1978,re.2008)***°
possible airplay : Tr.1, 3, 5, 7, 11

Listening to the first album of Park Eun Ok I enjoyed it better than the second, even though there are comparisons. This more clearly a singer/songwriting album (compared to the song cover albums), with inspired, somewhat soft songs and with subtle arrangements of string orchestra, nylon string strums, electric piano or organ, electric bass, relaxed rhythms, and some oboe or reed instruments and an occasional flute (with a bird like melody arrangement on the third track). The songs are soft but not too light. Two songs have an additional male accompaniment. The 7th track sounds like a childrens song, a successful interpretation. On the 11th track the string and reed arrangements are almost classical in nature. The last track is a bit of more a mystery of why, it sounds like a (not really bad as a result) politicised song with a marching band singing-in-one-voice choir, like a part of a musical. I understand in listening closer to this release how Park Eun Ok is regarded an important songwriter in Korea.

Korean info : http://www.maniadb.com/artist.asp?p=104514