First (French) full LP (1971) -notice the name "Les Mogol" !- with reissue and Turkish release of same LP

other to me known LP (date ?) and a compilation LP that span first and second LP period

On Mogollar's early works we have a combination of ethno-driven tunes with wonderful sixties ans early 70's beat and prog-rock elements. They have the most remarkable bass line of Taner Ongur (-I found a similar power only with the Italian group Goblin-) and the progressive keyboards by Murat Ses. In the beginning of the seventies they made also records with the most perfect blend of folk with progpop/rock. They called it "Andalousian pop". The group still exist.

"Mogollar was formed in 1967 as a joint venture between the members of two famous pop bands of the time: Siluetler and Selçuk Alagöz.  At first they set out to play a very wild beat music.  Also quickly turned on by the new psychedelia movement they started to play their own brand of psychedelic beat. Young keyboardist Murat Ses led the hand to produce some of the most exciting psychedelic arrangements of their time."  "Their record company made a big campaign on the band in 1968 and their interesting costumes end monster music really got them in front of very surprised crowds.  A composition of the band, "Lazy John" is what we can get as close as possible to the drive of their live shows." G.A.

"After the head crazy days of 1967-'68 the band went on a large-scale Anatolin tour and decided to take their Turkish music experiments one serious step further, becomming one of the most promising experimental psychedelic bands at the time. Blending psychedelia, ethnomusical experimentalism, and rock spirit, their records in '70-'71 are unparalleled works of an almost otherworldly nature. The band decided to drop reworked traditional tunes as much as possible, concentrating on writing their own material in an Anatolian style." G.A.& J.D.

Most interesting for progressive music listeners are there works untill 1974.
After that some tracks still stand out. Reviews of the progressive songs might follow later.

Mogollar also cooperated with Ersen, Selda Bagçan and Cem Karaca,
but also with Baris Manço. See a seperate page about Manchomongols.
Turkish Progressive Music presents :
this cover was used for 3 of the early singles
Mogollar from an early 70's magazine
Mogollar inside their house with an exprimental touch
Mogollar in 1970
Mogollar poster Harbiye
Mogollar soyle Baris
postcard from the same time of the single
backside "Behind the Dark"
Some early singles from Mogollar
this cover was used for 2 of the early singles

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I attached a text file with complete DISCOGRAHPY in English : MOGOLLAR DICOGRAPHY.TXT.
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The text of the INTERVIEW with Mogollar I made trough telephone and which was airplayed live in my radioshow is attached in the next MOGOLLAR INTERVIEW.TXT

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* Soundfiles singles : "Behind The Dark","Hicaz Mandira","Karsiki Yayla","Madimak",
  "Fairy Chimneys","Wild Flower" "Karsikiy", "Karsiki Yayla", "Kaleden Kaleye Sahin Ucurdum"
  With Ersen : "Sör Kendine"
* Audiofiles from 3rd LP 'Dum-Tek' (1975) :
  "Düm-tek", "7\8-9\8", "Rue De L'oriant E: Sark Yolu"(or ram),
  "Kapali Çarşi","Sun Flower-Güne Bakan"
* Audiofiles from tape/CD 'Mogollar'94' (1994) : (better tracks) :
  "Sen Varsin Orada","Kesisleme","Dsdr..zem"
* Audio from "Dört Renk" (1996) (somewhat better tracks) :
  "Alageyik 2000","Hep Ayni", "Keyfim Yerinde","Buzlar Cözülmeden","Bisey Yapmali"