The great airplane strike of 1967
Mavi Isiklar in 1965
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Some covers of singles, and from their only LP, some pictures from the band.

Mavi Isiklar were a garage beat group and 60's cover band.  The name of the group means "blue lanterns" or better "blue lights". Their complete works has been reissued on CD  with thick booklet by Ada Müzik. Their rare LP  was no noise remastered and reissued on LP before by Nexus Records.

"Mavi Isiklar was undoubtedly one of the most successful beat/rock bands of the latter part of the 60's.  They managed to sell thousand of records one after the other and be loved for what they really were even in the conservative Anatolian towns. Though some of their singles and their eponymous album are monster rarities their single from 1967 where they cover Paul Rever and the Raiders is one of their easier finds. They were a really good R&B band but gradually became a successful underground entitiy after 1968." G.A.

"Their biggest hit was "Lyi Dusun Tasin" ("For your information"), a song originally by the Lebanese band The Cedars, released by the Turkish Decca in 1967. Many artists covered the song (There exist surely a  dozen Turkish versions of it, but non of them approaches this version). " In 1965, when one member had to do his military service, a member of California Surf band The Revelaires filled in on bass. The Band reformed in the summer of 2000, playing their first gigs in 30 years-they still sound great." Gökyan Aya & Jay Dobis.

LP from Mavi Isiklar, 1967
Turkish text on Mavi Isiklar 1965 single later here   Turkish text on Mavi Isiklar 1966 single here

Other Singles (and pictures ):
Tatli Bela / Seventh Son / In My World / Gozyaslari  (Sayan FS 147)

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(incomplete and not completely correct) :
Singles (click underlined title for sound file) :

* Kanamam
* Agla Çocuk Gibi 45'  Sayan
* Ayva Çiçek Açmis 45'  Sayan
* Gitme Kal 45''  Disko
1965 :
* Kanamam, Helvaci 45'' 1965 Altin Mikrofon
* Iyi Düsün Tasin 45''  Sayan
* Johnny Be Goode 45''  Odeon
1966 :
* Çayir Çimen Geze Geze 45''  Sayan 1966
* Pinarbasi
Come Home
* Bumble Bee
* Wolly Bully
* Ayva Cicek Acmis
* Just like me
* Senede Bir Gün
* Slipin' and Slidin'
* Ankara Rïzgari
1967 :
* Çayir Çimen Geze Geze, Pinarbasi 45' Altin Mikrofon 1967
* Kiz Sen Geldin Çerkesten 45'' 1967 Sayan
* Sevgilim 45'  Disko
* Tatli Bela 45'  Sayan
* The great Airplane strike of 1967 45'
* Ain't that so ?
* In my World
* The Seventh Son
* Tatli Bela
* Gözyaslari
* Iyi Düsün Tasin (= For your information)
(Another sounfile of Cayir Cimn Geze Geze)
"Erkin Mechul" audio fragm:
Gitme Kal
Venus ve Ask (=Venus)
Ask Cicegi

LP :
Mavi Isiklar  33' Sayan
with :
  A. Benm Dünyam Sensin (In my world)
     You're so good to me (Brian Wilson)
     Kiskaniyorum (Spector,Greenwich,Bawy)
     Kanamam (arr.MI)
     A tear fell (Burton)
  B. Ask Mevsimi (Yesterday's Gone : Clyde,Stuart)
     Time won't let me (Tom King,Chet Kelly)
     Yalnizim (Yesterday : Lennon,McCartney)
     Walk in the Dog (Rufus Thomas)
     Findik Dallari (arr.MI)
     Bury my body (Campbell Conelly)

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