Kim Se Hwan/Kim Se Whan

CD (LP 1980/2006), 2CD (70s/2011)

Music Research   Kim Se Whan : Golden Album (KO,1980,re.2006)°°°
chosen for airplay : Tr.15, (title ??) 4 min

Mellow Pop/folk-pop, soft-rock album acoustic with some electric elements, some electric organ and Hammond (?) organ and (kitschy use of) moog(?), with little or soft percussion, mainstream in nature with western song pop context, sung in Korean, at times with sweet dual vocals. One very different track (the worst one) with brass orchestra sounds like a communist nationalist song. Style : early 60s. Most of it is rather forgettable. The 15th track with fuzz guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, drums however sounds rather good.
Hanyang Rec.   Kim Se Whan : Golden Best (KO,comp.2011)**'/*°°'
chosen for airplay : CD1, Tr.3, 6, 12 ; (CD2,8)

I already wasn’t too fond of what I heard from Kim Se Wahn before, this double CD with 44 songs couldn’t change some lack of enthusiasm. The song choices sound rather mediocre or mainstream, and not one inspiration or song or performance stands out of the middle somewhat ok zone. There’s a relaxed pop/rock band accompanying simply, a few tracks are with strings and backing female vocalists. One or two tracks have a slight funky/disco touch influence in the arrangements. I recognise a few Korean covers on the second CD, like a cover from “Donna Donna” (Donovan), “Corrina Corrina” (Dylan), and two Elvis ballads, "Love Me Tender", not really a must checking out if not specifically looking for some kind of Korean version, and also "Are you lonesome tonight". Fitting with this is Jim Reeves's "He'll have to go". A few more covers direct in the direction of country/pop. Altough Kim Se Whan's voice is very good, the music is just good and acceptable but rarely outstanding collectors. Two tracks, track 3 & 12 I think are more convincing in the pop/rock arrangements, the second one with some fine fuzz contribution and good drumming mixed with acoustic guitars and the first one with some organ. They came from the album I already had.
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