Korean psychedelic folk music.

KLS 57 1973

"Seo Yoo-Seock Shin Jung Hyun songs collection. From this record only the side A songs were reissued only CD format together with the Yang Hee Eun records in 2003. Side A songs are Shin Jung Hyun's
songs ; Side B are other music writers songs. I think that this record is a good folk rock or psychedelic folk album from Korea.

Personally I think that Korea best folk rock album is a Kim Jung-Mi's "Now" as a total album while Korea best folk rock song is a Seo Yu-Seok's "Seonnea(Fairy)" "The fairy" is a more progressive and acid folk song.  Especially you can hear great harp, violin, cello session, string session, Shin Jung Hyun's wawa guitar sounds, oboe, Bass guitar at this song. A real Korean acid folk masterpiece song!!"

Korean review with audio : http://www.weiv.co.kr/review_view.asp?code=album&num=1773

This record received full attention in 4th radioshow. See additional comments there.

KLS-76 1973 Kim Jung-Mi 3rd/The wind

Musical performance by Yupjeons. Mostly songs are same to the Now album except for track A2, B1,B4
This record reissued only CD format in 2003.

This was available on 2CD : (now sold out) http://www.koreapop.com/detail.pfm?num=1320

This record received full attention in 4th radioshow. See additional comments there.

KIM JUNG MI NOW? SEL-100-023 1973-11

Musical performance by Yupjeons. Korean psychedelic folk Masterpiece and Her best record!!
This record reissued LP and CD format in 2003. She was made into a psychedelic singer by Shin Jung Hyun. Her vocal resemble the Grace slick of Jefferson Airplane so was erotic that is a very sexy ? It is a mega rare Korean psychedelic folk or beat rock album. Its price is over 1000$ mint condition L.P but nearly don't find out it because Korea president's "purge measure of Korean pop music" at 1970th her record was fired by government employees. You'll see her record at the book which is a RECORD COLLECTOR DREAMS by Hans Pokora (PS right LP : single taken from LP)

"Something of a first for me is this 1973 folk/pop album from South Korea. Alerted to its existence by a glowing review in Record Collector, it has taken me six months to get around to risking it, but the risk has paid off with an enchanting album. The first track is a heavily orchestrated ballad, making for a lush 60's pop sound, while the second (no titles as they are all in Korean) is just singer and band, and is a faster folk/rock effort. The musicians sound as though they have picked up many Western influences, with the guitarist in particular sounding very West Coast, and it is not until track five that an Oriental influence creeps into the songs. Kim Jung Mi has an expressive voice, and the songs are just Westernised enough to make this a very pleasant listen despite not understanding the words. Fans of 70's folk/rock such as Trees and Mellow Candle should investigate, as if you are constantly searching for something a bit different - as I am these days - then an album like this is worth the investment. "
peter jolly

"A folk funk masterpiece from Korea -- sung with breathy brilliance by female singer Kim Jung Mi, and featuring some great fuzzy backgrounds from guitarist Shin Jung Hyun! Although not in English, the record has a very similar feel to some of the hippest British female work of the same period -- a style that takes older folk styles and gives them a trippier, more psychedelic twist -- largely through the use of echoey production that makes the voice sound all flanged-out next to the guitar, but also through some spacious arrangements that give most of the record a nicely floating sort of feel! Titles are all in Korean, as are the lyrics -- but the record's got an undeniably universal appeal. "
Dusty Groove

"A reissue of this legendary femme acid folk masterpiece. KIM JUNG MI’s Now album seems to require a couple of listens before its excellence can be fully appreciated. Korean fuzz guitar master SHIN JUNG HYUN and his band THE MEN are the backing band, with their solid presence evident throughout, sustaining a spacey West Coast psychedelia vibe. Though every song has a similar tone, one would never accuse the music of being too much the same neat trick. if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is the Francoise Hardy of Korea. Moody, melancholic, and sexy. " Midheaven description

This record received full attention in 2nd radioshow. See additional comments there.


Musical performance by Yupjeons. This record reissued only CD in 2002.  A4-6 and B4-6 songs are not Kim Jung Mi songs and Shin Jung Hyun's songs, but by other singers and writers. At this album Kim Jung Mi's sexy and acidly voice meets Shin Jung Hyun's psychedelic pop feelings again. Some songs have a certain pop feelings but have also Shin Jung Hyun's great musicality with his group Yupjeons's musical performances.

"Groovy folk funk from mid 70s Korea -- mad, pulpy tunes from Kim Jung Mi -- possibly her best work ever! This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on -- this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work -- with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings! Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! 11 tracks in all. (Apologies for our lack of song titles -- all notes are Korean!) " Dusty Groove

JLS-120891 1974
Shin Jung-Hyun and Yupjeons 1st (First pressing)

This record was reissued only CD format in 2003. A Korean psychedelic rock masterpiece!! Only this album released about 500 copies!! First pressing has not the A5 and B5 song, but only it just appeared the songs on the cover track list. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-Lee (Bass), Kim Ho-Sik(Drum). It is different Musical performance and Drummer compared to the second pressing. The first pressing was reissued only with a paper sleeve gate fold cover on CD format at recently days. First pressing had a psychedelic musical performances. The second pressing had hard rock styled musical
performances. The reason is that record company wants popular rock sounds, and while the first pressing is not, they wanted to record it again. That's how shin jung hyun had to record it again. First pressings were only given to a broadcasting station.  So it was a very rare and expensive (over 900$) at these days. Second pressing is not so rare and low price (under 100$). First pressing was reissued only by C.D, but at the reissue C.D dubbed guitar sounds. So I missed it!! This first pressing is best in fact the best combination of styles (of Western rock music combined with Korean traditional rhythms) of all his records. It is a great eastern pyschedelia!!  Only I just can say that "He almost completed his hope (to combine Western music with Korean traditional rhythm) at this album." Just you must feel it!!

Shin Jung-Hyun and Yupjeons 1st (Second pressing)

This record was reissued on CD format in 1994. First pressing and Second pressing have different track list order, and music Performance. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam(Drum). This album is a Hard rock style of first pressings. But B5 is a great psychedelic instrumental song!!

The item is still available on CD : http://www.asiandb.com/store/detail.pfm?num=132
& http://www.koreainfogate.com/shop/movie/MDetail.asp?seq=132
Audio : http://www.myspace.com/shinjoonghyunandtheyupjunsafanpage

demo 1974. No info known.

JLS-1201027 1974       reissue

This record reissued on CD format in 1994. He wrote very wholesome lyrics at these album. The government restricted the songs at the first album as being immoral song lyrics.
This album is a great Korean hard rock styled music.   Review of reissue I did on next page->

JLS-120984 1975

Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam(Drum), Wang Jun-Ki(Flute). Review of reissue I did on next page->

JLS-120985 ?? 1975

This record was reissued as "best of" compilation as "Yupjeons best instrumental songs collection" in CD format in 1994. Members are Shin Jung-Hyun(Guitar and Vocal), Lee Nam-I (Bass), Kwan Young-Nam (Drum), Wang Jun-Ki(Flute). 16 until 17 are Yupjeons instrumentals. New member Flutist Wang Jun Ki participated at these instrumentals.So these albums have more unique and various sounds and you'll hear to great and stable Yupjeons's Music performances.

No info known for this album.

Yupjeons live stage picture

After 1975

Park Jung-Hee (the President of South Korea from at these days a military regime was president of dictatorial government) commanded Shin Jung-Hyun to make the blue house (which is the Korean presidential residence) praising song but he rejected to do so and made the song "Beautiful rivers and mountains" instead,  that praised the beautiful nature of Korea. He was sentenced to prison under the
suspicion of drug abuse (Marijuana) in December 1975. He had taken Marijuana only once in former days with some hippies only. The real reason for his imprisonment was not the drug abuse, but the refusal of Park Jung-Hee's command. He couldn't act more musical activities but made records until the 80's, until he died. After all, His best days was ended by other people (Park Jung-Hee).

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Korea had a Folk scene in the 70's too. But it only had few folk rock albums then. Mostly Korean folk singers were influenced by American folk singers (Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez etc.).  So almost folk singers belong to modern folk. Only a few singers tried add western folk music (mostly American folk) to traditional standards.

Only occasionally folk rock was made by a rock musician. This musician was Shin Jung-Hyun. I think there was no another musician like him in Korea. He made three psychedelic folk rock albums with folk singers.

First is Kim Jung-Mi's "Now"(1973) and Seo Yoo-Seok's "Shin Jung-Hyun Jakpeangok jip"(Shin Jun-Hyun songs collection, 1973) and Yang Hee-Eun's "Shin Jung-Hyun Jakpeangok jip"(1973). I  think that he was interested about adding psychedelic music to folk music by the year 1973. Both albums (Seo Yu-seok and Yang Hee-Eun) were made only sides A by Shin Jung-Hyun. Sides B were composed by other composers. These records were a new experiment for the Korean Folk history.

Okay Yang Hee-Eun is a famous female folk singer and early her albums songs are all Korean folk godfather Kim Min Gi's songs.  But at this album she meets Shin Jung Hyun.  So her voice of this album is a different than her other albums. Her voice is a dry voice with no feelings at this album. Shin Jung Hyun was interested to combine Western music with Korean traditional rhythm at this time. So this album is combination music of Western folk music plus Korean traditional rhythm and Psychedelic sounds. But nobody tried such experiment like Shin Jung- Hyun ever since. I think that it is a very sorrowful thing. Also featuring here is Professor Lee Kyo Suk played the harp at this album.  (He taught  music theories to Shin Jun Hyun).