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Mellow Rec.           Saint Just (It,1973)*****

Their first album is not so often very appreciated as it deserves. For my it is one of my top 3 favorites. Satie like piano, open structure in playing, very emotional  female voice, Comus like oddity at moments. Produced by Alan Sorenti. The second (La Casa del Lago ****) is more prog rock orientated. Easier for most listeners.

Webpage at http://www.italianprog.com/a_saintjust.htm
Second album review at http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/d/c/dcj121/music/musica2.htm
Korean reissue at http://www.siwan.co.kr/2/8_17.html


Jenny Sorrenti is the sister of Alan leader of Saint Just. I like her first folk prog solo album (Suspiria, ***°).
"The second record of Jenny, in 1979, is not progressive. It is an excellent record, but with folk sonorities. (I have a vinyl copy). Her last work (medieval zone, in 2001) seems to be a mixture between melodic and celtic music." Tino

Materiali SonoriJenny Sorrenti : Medieval Zone (IT,2002)***

Jenny Sorrenti indeed changed direction. "Celtica napolitana" is the title for the review of her CD by Audioreview. Somewhat Celtic music related indeed, but without sounding very English or American, because the inspiration is different. Jenny uses melodies from around the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore music is somewhat warmer, and charming comparing most Celtic folk I heard. Also some middle eastern touches in the instrumentation can be heard. Fine music. The CD contains a video in Quicktime too, and some beautiful photographs.

Label information of this item at http://www.matson.it/html/news.asp?codice=8012957990435
Other review of this item in Italian : http://www.landscape.it/viceversa/cd/medievalzone.htm

General information at her own webpage : www.jennysorrenti.it
Contact : info@jennysorrenti.com
Contact label : matinfo@matson.it
Management : www.maroccomusic.com

Playlist with short reviews : http://psychevanhetfolk.homestead.com/files/Playlist_2002_APRIL_24.txt

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Donella Del Monaco and her group Opus Avantra

Alan's first albums (Aria *****, Come un vecchio incensiere all'alba di un villaggio deserto.****°) were a more progressive Tim Buckley like voice with open composition experiments, emotionally inspired ; highly recommended. Very different from his later work !
Webpage at http://www.italianprog.com/a_sorrenti.htm
and with review of 'Aria'
German review http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de/bands/sorrenti.html
Korean reissue at http://www.siwan.co.kr/2/8_15.html
Label entry http://www.btf.it/ita/sorrenti/alan.htm
Laterwork at http://yokohama.cool.ne.jp/k1ono/e_alasor.html

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