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The unique thing about Italian progressive from the seventies can be explained by several reasons. First of all music groups mostly had only one change to get a contract for a record. There didn't exist unemployment money or something, so their first record mostly meant the decision if they could survive with individual composing or not. Many groups used almost classical arrangements and worked out their ideas in such a perfectionism and with the ability to fuse the emotional and intellectual, rhythm changes, jazz and pure classical influences (from the barock until classicism area mostly) and rock at the same time. This music had its roots in UK symphonic groups who were popular at that time in Italy, like ELP, Vander Graaf Generator, Genesis, Gentle Giant. Only a few other persons were a bit more experimental. Most of them used pure and clear melodies, typical for Italy and Italian language. Some others were into jazz rock, and so on. The perfectionism of about let's say 30-100 items is incomparable in its melodic quality with any other country (or only with some UK, Argentinean exceptions may be). Several 100 other items are still good, but don't have that incredibly power of those over the top items. In many "100 best items" Japanese (-being perfectionisms themselves-) lists as well as in Korean lists (-trying to take over the lead of Japan in so many ways-) you can see mostly very clearly which progressive items really have this perfectionism in it.


Symphonic music I classify in several categories, * all influenced by certain popular groups with a certain style. I am talking about (°Yes ,who were unique in their open style, but without leaving any bands under influence from them), °The Nice, as the thought over integration of classical orchestra with a rock composition and piano and °Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP) as the classical composition put into rock band instruments who are not particularly are most fit for the same melody composing, with for instance Late E Miele who had probably their influence, Genesis (who produced the existence of the style of the first three albums of PFM and of some Le Orme albums), °Marillion (leading mostly to symphonic clones and neo-symphonic or new symphonic in the reattempting of the old styles -symphonic had originally classical music as inspiration, not symphonic music itself-), and °VDG Generator ; then the use of °clear almost classical composition in a rock band, typical for many Italian 70's bands, °the neo-symphonic, °melodic rock, the °art-rock and °art-folk (like Renaissance), on the edge of this genre.
Classic Rock is something else. This refers to the known pop rock classics. °More modern classical composition (so not just the area barock until classicism influences but more modern classical composing techniques) lead to more experimental progressive music. In taly there's for instance Pierrot Lunaire's Gudrun and a bit at the Opus Avantra items. (In Germany Krautrock had influence from Stockhausen composing techniques leading to many adventures in rock music. Bartock and some others had influence in the chamber music rock or RIO style, also not categorised any more under "symphonic". These last syles are more rare in Italy.
Symphonic is so not particularly referring to an orchestra but the reference does refer to the composing techniques commonly used for big orchestras. Ravel is one the persons who made the orchestral arrangements more popular. Even barock compositions were rewritten into classical period pieces, leading into the most common opinion of what kind of music classical music brings forth. The techniques those days who were learned to the music academy were in those days mostly referring to this small area in history too. The advantage in Italy was the musicians learned the skills of clear melody.


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