cover scans from some items (the Aka LP is a good one only for 2 tracks)

ABBHAMA BAND : prog at
or : "The band is not popular in Indonesian people as well as Japanese like other Indonesian progressive rock bands. I also could chancely know the name for the first time when I were talking with one of Indonesian progressive rock mania.They released only one album named "ALAM RAYA" in 1978 within my knowledge. Thier sound is surely in the category of progressive rock and it seemes to be relical and introspective.It can be said that thier sound is closely to French or Italian progressive rock.Howevere their play style seemes to be influent with ELP,especially keyboard work,because only English progressive rock materials were distributed against Indonesian Music market on these days. All songs was written by IWAN, (piano,vocals) and some songs were inspired from Buch and Debussy. After disbanded,IWAN and DARWIN formed the new band "WOW"that also released at least 3 albums at least from 1983 until 1990 in Indonesia."
It's an interesting album with a Latte e Miele and such kind of typical 70's style. 
See also
ADI ADRIAN "s/t" "He was the keyboardist of 80's prog band, Makara, along with his eldest brother Andy Julias. In 1989-today he formed KLa Project and become the rising star of his generation.Unfortunately the members were down to two (from 4), and it seemed they're going to disband. However, Adi made this solo effort in 2002 and it has one prog song he wrote together with Andy Julias. He hired a vocalist and others to play. The song Satrya (means Knight) talked about Arjuna who was confused about Bharatayudha war (he and his brothers have to fight their cousins to death). Kresna gave spirit and strengh to Arjuna. Both characters and basic story came from Bhagavadgita, a play or chapter in Mahabharata. Surya
AKA : Indonesian group that has made a few powerful tracks in psych / Prog hard rock style or funky rock with dirty rhythms, guitars and organ, with black spirit and English vocals.
See also
* ANANE : great folkrock fusing progressive rock band. Review on next page
ARIESTA BIRAWA : unknown and rare LP of exotic, bluesy rock tingled and poppsych poprock album, which saw a reissue in 2006. Review on next page
BALAWAN & BATUAN ETHNIC FUSION : Ajie Wartono : "Balinese guitarist Balawan with his group Batuan Ethnic Fusion exploring jazz rock and Balinese music. 
Webpage with soundfiles : Contact :
BAND RASELA : Indonesian group that has a few rock songs 
BAND ROLLIES : Indonesian group that has some tracks in '70's rock style. 
BLACK BROTHERS : see the Now-Again compilation
BENNY SOEBARDJA : member of The Peels, Sharkmove & Giant Step
THE BRIMS : Indonesian group that has some psych freakbeat songs. Audio on youtube here
CHRISYE : CHRISYE & JOCKIE SURJOPRAJOGO "JURANG PEMISAH" 1977 : "Chrisye was the vocalist and bassist of Guruh Gipsy. You can hear his voice on GG's Chopin Larung. Jockie was the keyboardist of God Bless. This album was made before the legendary Badai Pasti Berlalu (1978) and both musicians were considered as the brainchild of the revolution in Indonesia's pop music. There was no information who played the other instruments. It got released in CD around 1998. Jurang Pemisah means "Valley Separation"." Suryo ; Chrisye passed away March 30, 2007 at 4.00 amEntry here & here
COZY STREET CORNER : interesting Indonesian pop group.
Webpage at  or mail at 
Suryo : "COZY STREET CORNER "Nirmana" 2002 : This was their 2nd album, produced by Kiki Caloh (bassist of Discus). The members are B. Priambodo-electric guitars, banjo & vox, C.B. Takarbessy-vox, steelstring and nylon acoustic guitars and P.B. Adi-electric fretless bass, vox. With a session drummer Agus Leonardi. AFAIK they are on the senior year in University. They mixed music of Crosby, Stills & Nash + Cat Stevens + Elton John with some local folk and rock influences."
* DARA PUSPITA : 60S gogo girl pop garage
Dara Puspita (Flower Girls) was Indonesia’s most successful girl band of the 1960s. 
Discography :
See also
Check for some audio samples ; review of early works compi on next page->
* Dasa Tembang Tercantik
D'4 EVER : "Mungir Janji" is a Yardbirds like Singapore Pop single song published at "Steam Kodok".
DEWA : a somewhat interesting pop / rock band Webpage :¨
Suryo : ""Terbaik, Terbaik" 1995.Terbaik means "The Best", although this was an all-new original material. Basicly it was a pop band but sometimes they went to rock area. Dewa (they were still Dewa 19 in this album) was among the top 3 bands today." Entry here
DIANA NASUTION & LOLYPOP GROUP : Indoseian group that has a few rock songs.
DISCUS : progressive / symphonic crossover styled rock and fusion group. See reviews of both their items and more links at the review page
DUO KRIBO : see the Now-Again compilation
See also
* DWIKI DHARMAWAN : not sure if this is really interesting. 
A bit more info in Japanese :
FARIZ RM "Panggung Perak" 1981 : "This album was Fariz's 3rd or 4th album I forgot. His masterpiece actually was his 1st one, the album Sakura (1980). He played all the instruments here, as he always did in all of his solo albums until 1982. The title track here might not be his most prog song, but overall it is interesting to hear several movements. Beginning with his mother's speech talking about a young man (actually it was Fariz) who was very talented, ambitious, gifted, loved by friends and very idealist to make innovative music. However he was dissapointed with his fellow 'modern music pioneers' that fell into the luxury of the famous (Chrisye, Jockie, Keenan, etc). Fariz is still active and planning to make a big aniversary of his career around July/ Aug this year. 'Panggung Perak' means 'Silver Stage'" Suryo
The style of this album is a fusion of styles, with jazzy fusion improvisations, funky bass, symphonic keyboards, with more pop singing. Some of the recordings be used in a future radioshow.
FREEDOM : Indonesian group that has some tracks in hardrock psych style. 
FREEDOM OF RHAPSODIA : see the Now-Again compilation
GANG PEGANGSAAN : prog with Genesis influence ; according to :
"I don't know much about this band although they were quite popular in late 70s and once again in late 80s, except that they were heavily influenced by 70's Genesis. I've only heard their comeback album in the late 80s entitled Palestina, which sounds pretty much like Genesis all over with Indonesian lyrics. They were supposed to have had another reunion recently (i.e. in 1998-1999), but there's not much I heard of it." Suryo : "Their album 'PALESTINA' was released only in Cassette format. There are some great prog tunes (Genesis-Collins influenced)."
GARIS : jazz fusion at (with sound)
THE GEMBELL'S : Indonesian psych pop band. I heard their second album. It is much more constant in style compared with most Indonesian releases. There are various very moody songs on it, some in English psych style, mostly sung in Indonesian. 
GENG GONG : no info known
GIANT STEPS : according to :
"One of legendary Indonesian progressive rock acts of the 70's, their music showed influences of the greats of prog rock, but still managed to deliver originality. They started in early 70's, went through a series of line-up changes with the "keepers of the flame" being Benny Soebardja and Albert Warnerin, and managed to release several albums before finally breaking up in 1986. Their best prog albums (as recommended by Denny Sakrie of M97FM) are Giant On The Move (produced by Nova Record Bandung), Kukuh Nan Teguh (Nova Record Bandung), and Persada Tercinta (Irama Tara Record)."
One of the best progressive rock bands I heard from Indonesia. They sung in English. Interesting keyboards and perfect band sound. See also
GOD BLESS :  Prog. Info page at
and : 
"God bless formed at Pasar Minggu ,Jakarta in 1971. They are still running untill today.In 1970's, they made the pre-act for Deep Purple which was comming in IndonesiaTheir music style have beening changed with the change of culture.Their first album named "Huma diatas bukit"was released in 1975, It was just progressive Rock .Some of the songs were clearly influenced by Genesis' sound. In 1980'., they had changed their musical style to American Hard Metal like Van Halen. However they stoped their activities after the third Album had been disributed in 1990.After that, each members had made performance in each new band . In 1997, they re-formed with Album"Apa Kabar". We can still enjoy their good Hard Rock & Ballads."
according to :
"Possibly the most popular rock group in Indonesia, they played progressive music during their 1980's Cermin album line-up. Some consider their music as a straight rip-off from famous prog groups, though."
Surjorimba : "Their album Cermin was only released on tape. Although God Bless is heavily influenced by Deep Purple, there were some prog songs. In 'Cermin' and 'Huma Diatas Bukit', there were some as well. I'm ashamed to say that God Bless was never original in making prog songs. They often 'cut and paste' songs from Genesis, ELP, Klaatu, etc and claimed as their own."
I personally think the stolen parts were often very nicely and spontaneously placed within their songs.
GOLDEN WING : Indonesian group that has a few tracks with hard rock influence. 
GONG 2000 : Suryo : "Their album was only released as a cassette. 3 members of God Bless made this band, with some additionals. The music was pure rock, like Deep Purple. They formed this band when God Bless turned to a more Van halen style (circa 1989)."
Their later surely is not that interesting to collect. Cover of a compilation tape here.
GURUH GIPSY : Prog. Info at
and at : "This band was organized with the above members and the some additional members such as female back vocal and Gamlan player. Their casset tape was sold with the booklet(about 30pages).The purpose was the introduction of the Balinese music . The idea was origined by GURUH SOEKARNO. Their sound was mixture between the traditinal Balinese music and the progressive rock featuring some keyboards. Especially, "INDONESIAN MAHAMADDEKA",the first song of the Album ,is very amazing .the first part is the typical progressive rock sound like ELP. The second part is the very orginal sound which mixed progressive rock by mini moog with the Balinese music by Gamlan . After that ,the last part is also magnificent sound like the Italian prog.
Contact : drummer/vocalist at
Collector's item. Only released on tape so far. Son of president did this huge project. Gamelan music with rock, Nice influences, electronica, traditional sounds,..unique.It will be reissued soon by Musica Studio, a local label. The remastering process is supposed to have been going on for a while now in Australia. But I don't know whether the reissue will be distributed only domestically or
internationally as well once it gets released. I will try to find out about it when I hear more news. I heard their item lately. It is incredibly good, very progressive and with lots of fusion ideas (*****). Highly recommended ! according to : Probably the most successful Indonesian progressive act of the 70's, they combined Balinese music (including gamelan and choir) and orchestral elements with their own views of progressive music. Influenced by the greats of prog rock, such as Yes, Genesis, and ELP. Quite well-known within the international circle of underground progressive music movement. Their self-titled album was released in 1977. Guruh Soekarnoputra was obviously the band's main creative force (and yes, he's the youngest brother of the present Vice President Megawati Soekarnoputri), but the rest of the band line-up contained talented and well-known musicians. 
Suryo : "GURUH GIPSY "s/t" 1975 : This album was the finest in Indonesian progrock history and the pioneer in our modern music history. Guruh Soekarno Putra (the son of our first president, Soekarno) wrote all the songs and since then has been a master of arts (music, traditional dance, painting). He wrote many successful songs with Chrisye mainly as his main performer. Their partnership lasts until today.
Gipsy Band was a revolutionary youngsters back then. They used to play ELP and Genesis covers. They even played several gigs in Ney York a few years before GG. Guruh asked Gipsy Band for collaboration and make a 'new sound in the Indonesian pop music'. GG's line up was: Keenan Nasution (dr/ lead vocal on Indonesia Maharddika), Chrisye (b/ lead vocal on Chopin Larung), Odink Nasution (g/ v Keenan's younger brother), Abadi Soesman (mini-moog), Ronny Harahap (keys,organ). Guest star I Gusti Kompiang Raka (Balinese gamelan). He also toured with Discus on ProgDay." See also Chrisye->.
Other review :
HARRY ROESLI AND HIS GANG : "Another successful attempt of the 70's prog scene at mixing Indonesian ethnic music, i.e. Sundanese calung, with progressive elements. Some Gentle Giant influences appeared here and there. They released Titik Api in 1976. Harry Roesli was famous for his musical experimentation. "
Suryo : "Harry Roesli and His Gang was also a famous prog/ rock band in the 70's. I felt he's more original than Deep Purple, although he often 'cut and paste' famous prog tunes. But not as worse as God Bless. I have one album but I think it's not Titik Api."
"Titik Api was released in Indonesia on cassettes only, around the same time as Guruh Gypsy's self-titled and was similarly experimenting on blending Indonesian traditional music (Sundanese, Javanese, and Balinese) with western rock idiom. However, unlike Guruh who started from pop/rock background, Harry Roesli started from contemporary music, sometimes folk-ish music, with lyrics criticizing the Indonesian government under Suharto at that time as shown by his many albums. "Titik Api" generally consists of some folk pieces interspersed with the longer experimental ones and is unusually neutral lyrically." Gamantyo H.
* IMANISSIMO : Indonesian band. Ajie Wartono (in 2001 or 2002) : "The music of this band disposed to symphonic progressive with little bit psychedelic, jazz rock and  heavy metal element, I think this band influenced by Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, ELP and Pink Floyd. They had released one album and will ready for second album." Suryo S. (2002) : "Group is still in demo process. The music is close to Porcupine Tree Signify era, although the bass has some fusion touch. The music is something like Dixie Dregs with distorted progressive guitar." They played lately on Indoprog, 2003, : "All dressed casually and they played space music for the whole 40 minutes with only 3 songs (Z's Dream, Anomaly of the Ocean, Captain Zed's Diary)! The encore was an improvisation and they were outstanding! Although the leader was the bassist, he shared the music with his colleagues. Almost all leading melodies were carried out by the guitarist who played ala Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd. The keyboardist played most on soundscapes and ambient textures. The first song was around 20 minutes long. Whew!!!! Can't wait for their official release (I have their demo CD). Iman, the bassist, said they're working hard on it and they're expecting the album could be released early 2004. I noticed all 3 songs (and one improvisation) were all brand new and not included on their demo CD." Surj.S. Contact person with Iman Ismar at
New item will be reviewed at review pages soon
IN MEMORIAM : "Practically unheard before the Indonesia Progressive Festival 2001, they became an overnight success, co-headlining the festival with relatively more well-known Discus, Pendulum and Smesta. Reports from witnesses said that these guys combine a lot of contrasting genres, much like what Mr. Bungle have done."  Ajie Wartono : "This a unique band, more experimental and ecletic, their performance always was a theatrical performance. They have released their first album.."  (producer of band is (chairman of IPS-Indonesian Progressive Society) )
"Indonesian new band, with demo. The official album is in over designing stage. Not sure the release date. The music is a mix of gothic, symphonic, dark, sometimes with rap vocals. Their official album was produced by Andy Julias, the Society's chairman" Suryo S. October 2003 they released their CD at PRS RECORDS (Progressive Rock Sony), called "The Ultimate Terrorizing Aura of Unlogic Mind".  It's currently only available in Indonesia although they looking for a label to distribute it internationally. "In Memoriam is on the dark side; their music is a mix of gothic, symphonic, rap, punk, etc. All the songs on the demo are on their debut album although with better and fuller arrangements." Tom Malik ; Entry here
Review on next page.
IVO'S GROUP : see the Now-Again compilation
LES KALIFAS : "Ikan Todak" : Singapore Pop, beat style single song published at "Steam Kodok"
KANTATA REVOLVERE : no info known
KARIMATA : " The band was a fusion jazz band and their last album was called Jezz, 1991. In their final effort they blend fusion/ GRP-jazz with ethnic music. Difficult to explain which ethnic music, as they combined several in one song. FYI, there are hundreds of tribes in Indonesia and each have unique ethnic music. They invited GRP musicians such as Lee Ritenour, Bob James, Phil Perry, Ernie Watts to contribute their talent. The members were Aminoto Kosin (keyboard, now a symphony conductor),Erwin Gutawa (bass,now a symphony conductor, also former bandmates of Fariz RM on TRANSS),Candra Darusman (keys and vocal,now active in Music Copyrights organization), Denny TR (guitar,now active as a session guitarist). As for drums they had 3 different drummers: Uce Hariono(now joined Denny TR session band), Aldy (no info) and Budy Haryono (now active in GIGI, also a rock band).
KEENAN NASUTION "Di Batas Angan" 1980 "The drummer and vocalist of Guruh Gipsy's 1st solo album. His vocals can be heard on the 1st track in GG. This solo album mainly was pop, but there was one prog rock song. Keenan Nasution, along with his younger brothers Odink and Debby, plus Fariz RM formed GANK PEGANGSAAN (the one you asked and copied tape is in the package). Di Batas Angan means 'The Edge of Dream". The song Negeriku Cintaku means "My Country, My Loved One"." Suryo
"Keenan Nasution has re-recorded 2 songs from the legendary Prog from the 70s album Guruh Gipsy "Indonesia Maharddhika" and "Geger Gelgel" and "Negeriku Cintaku" with the Australian Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra.  Keenan (vocal/drums) is supported by his old mates Roni Harahap (keyboards), Raidy Noor (bass),Oding Nasution (guitar) and Krisna Prameswara (keyboards, member of Discus).  I heard the recording last week at Keenan's brother Gauri and Debby...excellent! The album will be released soon." Tom Malik (Oct.2003)
KEKAL : Ajie Wartono : " Indonesian progressive metal band but the music also more experimental, only two person in this band Jeff and Azhar, very interested band. They had released four albums."
It's a combination of black/deathmetal - progressive rock - industrial and.. jazz/avant garde/ambient.
Web: & E-mail:
Latest release at
KOES : Popular Indonesian psych pop group. The sound is often a bit too sweet for our taste, but they have good moments. Some in pop psych style, with a few rare moments of garage hard  rock. Cover here.
They were formed in Jakarta in 1960 with a first album within 2 years.
Garagehangover : "The band’s early music was influenced by other musical brothers such as the Kalin Twins and the Everly Brothers, but by 1965 they were caught up in the prevailing Beatlemania and began adding Beatles songs to their repertoire. This might have seemed a wise move commercially, but it was not a sound choice politically. Indonesia’s President Soekarno had condemned rock and roll as a symptom of Western decadence and tried to have it banned. He had previously railed against Elvis Presley, but by 1965 he had his sights fixed on the Beatles and all Indonesian bands that played ‘Beatles-like’ music. Koes Bersaudara was one of the most popular bands in Indonesia, but their records were banned from radio and they found it difficult to find venues to play."
Review of earliest albums reissue with more links on next review page
KRAKATAU : jazzgroup with Indonesian elements. Review on next page
Ajie Wartono : "This Indonesian group had international tours and their music explores jazz rock combined with world/etnic music. Contact keyboardist Dwiki Darmawan at 
or  "The group has released two album with strong gamelan flavour so far, but for gamelan I suggest to listen to the "Mystical Myst". Reva L.
KRAKATAU 2000 : Webpage : Not sure if they should be in this list. Entry here
A bit more info in Japanese :
LAIN : "Indonesian band, published only a single tape-4 tracks. The music is influenced by Radiohead Kid A era. The CD was released in the US, as they were US students." Suryo S.
MAKARA : : "Very good original prog music, especially from their 1986's album Laron-Laron, coupled with meaningful lyrics that talk about social issues. Influenced by a broad range of the greats such as Saga and PFM." Contact drummer at
See also ADI ADRIAN.
MURRY GROUP : see the Now Again compilation
NERV : new progressive rock group with violin player. review on next page
NEXT OF KIN : Ajie Wartono : "Progressive group from the Indonesian city Yogyakarta, their music was influenced by Pink Floyd, Yes and Radio Head. They also often included world music elements in their music." "Have a bootleg live recording. Suryo S. 
Contact band leader and guitarist Rizky at 
NICKY ASTRA : "TANGAN SETAN" Suryo: This album is something like a mix between Grand Funk and Joan Jett.
* OMPS: "BADAI PASTI BERLALU"  Suryo : tape, prog pop. I can even say this is the Indonesian 'Sgt. Pepper's'.
PENDULUM : "A prog fusion with metal-ish sound, led by Turi. They became one of the co-headliners of the first Indonesia Progfest in 2001."
Ajie Wartono : "This band mix jazz rock and heavy metal, this band  influenced by Brand X, Steve Morse, Dixie Dregs, Dream Theater and Rush. They had released one  album "Legenda" and will ready with the second album."  Contact group (Turi, Pendulum's guitarist) at .
Surjorimba : "The music is something like Dixie Dregs with distorted progmet guitar.""The mixing, mastering and quality are  better on the demo album, Legenda (legend) in 2001. "
"A 4-piece band (2 guitars+bass & drums) that reminded me of Uzeb, Liquid Tension Experiment." T.Malik
PANBERS garage psych : see the Now-Again compilation. 
Review and audio:
"Indonesian psychedelic record with lots of fuzz grooves, some sound effects, borderline psychotic vocals and a totally whacked out use of the English language... The Panbers were pretty early to recognize disco music, although there really is no trace of disco on their record at all. They were just too trippy to see any antagonism between disco and rock, which is illustrated by another song that has the great line: "every music and melody I love", and in a particularly pretty interlude with oriental flutes and a sitar imitating guitar the singer confesses his love to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin."
Homepage :
SHA'ABAN YAHYA : made a tape/CD "Return to Jogia" in 1992 with Indonesian sound but with synths, a concept with the freshness of Kraftwerk's synth. But much more ethnical. Spiritual happy sounding music. Info at
(available from ) 
Review at the next review page.
PAS BAND : rock. Info at : Indonesian alternative rock band.They formed at Bandung city ,1993. The members are organized of YUKIE (Vocal) & Bambamg (Guitars) (exANESTHESIA), RECHARD(Drums) ExSAHARA)and TRISNO (BASS).They released their first ALBUM "FOURTHROUGHTHESAP"inclueded English songs in1994 by independentLABEL.After that,their second ALBUM"INNO)SENSATION"was distributed by AQUARIUS in1995.Then,they got success because the ALBUM is of course excellent works,besides they could get enough promotion by the major record distributer.Their 3rd and 4th album also was enough success.Finally, they were admitted as "ALTERNATIVEBANDPASBAND" Their sounds may seem to be just only one of Hard Rock materials. However,they are clearly different from others because of their excellent orginalities.Especially,the guitarist BAMBAMG's guitar works are very atrractve."
* RASELA : see the Now-Again compilation
* ROLLIES : see the funky track on the Now-Again compilation
Info :
RHOMA INAMA No info known. But I was told their 12' "lagu terbaik" should be interesting ?
RHYTHM KINGS : see the Now Again compilation
* SAHARADJA : groovejazz group from Bali :
"Hard Rock. Started to make their activity in 1976.The band was consisted of SoenathaTanjung (Guitar), SyeichAbidin(Drums) and ARTHURKaunang(Bass &Keyboards). SoenathaTanjung&SyeichAbidin had played as a member Of "AKA band" that also very famous as ealier Indonesian hard rock band.The band's name was from each persons'intiai.They made some performance at mainly Surabaya. After they had released debut album "BABYROCK",they distributed some album (EXCEPTIONSAS1980,1981 etc.).These albums were inspired with Britsh rock strongly.Indonesian listeners also accepted SAS group as No1 rock group in Indonasia. Finaly they released over 10 albums until 1993 and they disbanded after the last album "METAL BAJA"had been released.I heard that they never come back in indonesian music scene because of some conflict among them. However,you can see ARTHURKAUNANG's performance at the cafe spaces in Jakarta even if now.But his recent works are mainly composision for some singers,I heard. "and
SHARK MOVE : Shadoks discovered an recently reissued their 1970 album. This was the group before Giant Step :,11  see review on next page->
SIMAK DIALOG  : Ajie Wartono : "Indonesian jazz rock group with progressive and experimental elements and sometimes free improvisation. I'm sure this band will be very interesting for progressive music fans. They released three albums. Contact the band leader (Riza Arshad) at .
SMESTA : : "Another co-headliner of the 2001 Indonesia Progfest. Their music is pretty much in the neo-progressive style, complete with theatrical stage act by the frontman." 
"group still in demo process. The music is similar to Arena." Suryo S.
"First demo was limited to 100 copies limited copies . 2nd demo was more or less the same. Influenced by Marillion and Arena and they were very attractive on stage. No news about their activities."
"Neo Prog (2 guitarists) band that had 3 guests at indoprog 2001 (female vocal, male poet and acoustic guitar). Although I'm too heavy into Neo Prog, the band improved a lot since I heard their demo cassette about a year ago (they had their latest demo CD on sale). Their songs are religious in nature (Religious Prog?) with theatrical performance. I liked their female singer (very Soul/R&B); one of the song reminded me of Pink Floyd - Great Gig in the Sky (although lower vocal range)." Tom Malik
THE STEPS : Indonesian '60's band that played with various singers and had solo records. They have fine moments. Info :
* SUARASAMA : new ethno-worldfusion, reviewed on
* SUPER KID : see the Now-Again compilation
SYMPHONY : I have just this one (very good) track ("1/32) on a compilation, keyboards dominated symphonic music in early PFM / symph prog style.
"Symphony was formed in 1981-1982 and disbanded around 1992-1993. They only released 3 albums:
1. Trapesium 1982 (the song 1/32 was from this album): Fariz RM (vox, bass), Herman Gelly (keys, back vox), Jimmy Paais (guitars) and Ekky Soekarno (drums). All songs written by Fariz RM.
2. Metal 1984: the same line up plus Tony Wenas (keys and vox)
3. Normal (1991) forgot the exact year. The line up was Fariz, Jimmy and Herman. Fariz took both bass and drums.
 Actually this band was more a pop-new wave band. By the time they exist, new wave music (like Police) and new romantics (Duran-duran, etc) were top artists. The sound Symphony played was more in the 80's sound. You know, the sound of drums, keys, guitars and bass. However, there were prog spirit here and there. Although not exclusively on all tracks. 1/32 was their most prog tune. There were others, but it'll be more convenient to called these prog-pop or prog new wave or prog ska. After 1991, all members resigned except Fariz and he tried to rebuild the band. Among the line up was Adi Adrian (I included his one solo track, Satrya) and Budhy Haryono (he played drums on Karimata). But this line up never released an album, neither played on stage.All 3 albums were never got released on CD." Surjorimba
GROUP TERNCHEM : see the Now-Again compilation
TOHPATI SERAMPANG SUNDA :  Suryo : "Indonesian jazz ethnic. I recommended at least the first track."
"Tohpati is well known as a session guitarist and he appears almost everyday in TV. His 2nd solo album, Serampang Sunda, is from 2002. In one song he blended jazz-Al Di Meola stuff with Sundanese and Minang ethnic music."
VANTASMA new band influened by Dream Theatre
VARIOUS ARTISTS : BADAI PASTI BERLALU 1977 : "This album was originally a soundtrack of a movie with the same title. The leading actress, Christine Hakim, was a legendary till today. She even invited as a jury in Cannes Film Festival in 2002 or 2001. Badai Pasti Berlalu was the creation of Jockie, Chrisye and Eros Djarot (lyrics). Keenan, Odink and Debby Nasution participated as musicians, while Fariz RM (who was 18 back then) was the drummer. This album was the landmark of our modern pop music. Not just the music, but also the musicians held important role until today. All of them were legends. That's why this album was our 'Sgt. Pepper's'. Badai Pasti Berlalu means 'The Storm Will Pass Away'." Suryo
WAYAN SADRA with SONO SENI ENSEMBLE : Indonesian group
WOW! : : "An 80's outfit with Yes and Genesis influences. Their Produk Hijau (meaning "The Green Product") album was released in 1983."
Suryo : "WOW! "Produk Hijau" 1983 : This band was heavily influenced by Genesis-Abacab era. The line-up was Iwan Madjid (vox/ keys), Fariz RM (vox/ drums), Darwin B. Rachman (back vox/ b) and hired guitarist, Eet Syahranie (who will be the guitarist of God Bless in 1990). The band only released 3 albums with the first as the most prog album. They still had prog tunes here and there, but always as good. Iwan Madjid was the keyboardist and vocalist of Abbhama. Produk Hijau means 'Green Product". The song Di Balik Kemerdekaan means "The Opposite of Independency". " 
The music is a combination of pop with a neo-Genesis influence.
YOCKIE No info known

(A few more names you can find in the Playlist further down).

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GURUH GIPSY, Indonesia
There are a few unique sounds typical for Indonesia and surrounding countries.  The gamelan is here the most important and most unique instrument, which sounds great in fusions too !  I will list here items with gamelan fusions and Indonesian Music fusions as well as Indonesian progressive.
Regarding progressive music it was a hard job, with some help I could find interesting examples of progressive rock and fusion. 
Of course not all music from these countries has gamelan. There are various groups in the 60's, seventies and 80's in Indonesia that have beside a typical local style combined with at least some western touches, also some tracks that suddenly are progressive music. Such tracks are mostly be found in between more local styled music. These local influences have a singing that sounds somewhat childish when combined with some western touches, but when the western style leads it can become powerful and highly original. In the last twenty years there exist a few more examples of progressive rock and fusion.
The first list contain mostly Indonesian and Malaysian progressive groups or groups that have interesting tracks. The second list are the groups from other countries that fused in their music gamelan and Indonesian music.


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"Embryo born underground rock music scene in Indonesia is difficult released from the evolution of pioneer rocker rocker-70s-era as his predecessor. Call it like God Bless, Gang Pegangsaan, Gypsy (Jakarta), Giant Step, Super Kid (Bandung), Terncem (Solo), AKA / SAS (Surabaya), Bentoel (Malang) until Rawe Rontek from Banten. They are the first generation of rockers Indonesia. The term itself actually underground magazine has been used since the early era Aktuil 70 - an. The term is used magazines and music pioneer lifestyles from Bandung was to identify the bands that played loud music with a style that is more `wild 'and` extreme' for the size of his era. And to be honest, the songs played by the bands mentioned above are not the work of their own songs, but bands of foreign kinds Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Rolling Stones to ELP . This counterproductive tradition and history his name had fragrant on the national stage. Call it like El Pamas, Grass Rock (Malang), Power Metal (Surabaya), Adi Metal Rock (Solo), Val Halla (Medan) to Roxx (Jakarta). Also log too, who gave birth to the birth of the label's first rock record in Indonesia, Logiss Records. The first product is an album labels
God Bless the third, "Black Ants" was released in 1988 and sold up to 400,000 records in Indonesia...."

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