"This is a rare original of a Milliyet 1969 Battle of the Bands 45 from Turkye. These 45's were damn hard to obtain. Only by writing to the paper so not in any shop. It was a schoolband contest so every year had the same schools with the same bandnames but with different or slightly different musicians. In original picsleeve this is impossible. Believe me. Two different bands on this one. Fen Lisesi does a weird take on 'With a little help from my friends'. Real crude arrangement and they changed it into a kinda love-ballad between a guy and a girl. You should hear this to believe. Strangely enough it works and the crude instrumentation and recording give this a lot of charm. Ízmir Koleji play a beautifull Turkish crossover folkgarage track thats just the kinda thing I'd die for." Huiboki

Turkish progressive music presents :
"The 1970 band of the Izmir Koleji (= College) won the Milliyet Song Contest that year. They performed: "You've Got Your Troubles" (Fortunes), Something (Beatles), a Fugue from Bach and their own composition "Yalnizligin Sesi"(Voice of Loneliness).You've Got Your Troubles and Yalnizligin Sesi were recorded as one 45 single through courtesy of Sayan Recording Co. in February 1970 and relased in very limited quantity in April 1970."

PS. Andreas Wildermann, the organist of later Group 21st Peron which had won the Eurovision song contest of Turkey in 1979 was our organist in the group. The Izmir Koleji bands won the Milliyet contest two more times in 1972 and 73 again. We also had a brass section, one trumpet, one trombone in the band, with success. " Omur Solendil, lead vocalist in 1969 and 1970.

List of songs the from the 1967,1968,1969 Milleyet contest :
Milliyet Liselerarasi Hafif Batı Müziği Yarışması 1968/1969

* Wild Thing  /                                    İzmir Özel Karşıyaka Lisesi (1967)
   Over Under Sideway Down            
* Olmadan /    İzmir Özel Türk Koleji (1968)
   Himmet Ağa
* Flowers and Rain /
* Una Mentira /     Hayadarpasa Lisesi (1967)
* Drama Köprüsü  /                            Ankara Fen Lisesi (1968)
  Bad Times come afgain more /       
  With a little Help from my Friends   
* HESITATION                                    İZMİR KOLEJİ (1969)
* Voices in the Sky      Mecidiye Köy Lisesi (1969)                     
* I Don’t Care                                     Tarsus Amerikan Koleji (1969)
* The Story of the Girl counting Stars  /      Istanbul Alman Lisesi (1969)
  My Year is a Day
* La la la                                             Ankara Deneme Lisesi
* Sexy Girl   /                                      Kadikoy Ticaret Lisesi
    L.S. & D
* Gevheri ?                                         İstanbul Alman Lisesi
* Gel gor beni aşk neyledi    /            İstanbul GS Lisesi
    Zazie ?

Song text of the Izmir Koleji song "Hesitation" :

Söz ve Müzik: Ömür Şölendil, Bülent Bağcı

She was always very nice
Early morning late at night
I would answer it

Oh, can’t you see how my heart hesitates
Girl, take my hand so you feel my heart beats fast
And don’t you know you’re the girl for me

There is something you should learn
I’m the only one for you
I don’t wanna be a man
Hashed and left somewhere there

Don’t be selfish and break my heart
Be my angel so give me life
I’m almost giving up all the things in my life

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