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Anma Arkadas and Anadolu’da Sevdim from 1967
Fesuphanallah and Komsu Kizi from 1974
Gel Bak Ne Söyliycem and Gün Dogmuyor from 1970
Erkin Koray Supergroup with Sen Yoksun Diye and Goca Dünya from 1972
Gönül Salincagi and Hayat Bir Teselli from 1976
Kiskanirim and Ilahi Morluk  from 1971
Erkin Koray Supergroup with Yagmur and Aska Inanmiyorum from 1971
Krallar and Dost Aci Söyler from 1974
Mesafeler and Silinmeyen Hatiralar from 1973
Belki Bir Gün Anlarsin and Nihansin Dideden from 1970
Saskin and Eyvah from 1974
Senden Ayri and Bu Sana Son Mektubum from 1971
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page 1 : covers of singles, (albums) (..&  videos)
Above you can see most of the singles from Erkin Koray

HAY. YAM. YAM. from 1989
compilation tape from 1993 with recordings from 1967-1973
compilation from 1993 as well
reissue (or first time on LP) from 1999 called ERKİN KORAY ; Double LP
A picture from a single taken for illustrating a tape with actually less progressive music
The recordings from these two tapes, from 1967-1973 were taken for the limited edition collector's reissue LP which you see here in the middle. It seems that the LP in the middle was made with permission of Erkin, while the tapes were not.
Cumbur Cemaat & Sevdigim  from 1976
Hor Gorme Garibi & Zuleyha (Istanbul version) from  1972
Hor Gorme Garibi & Zuleyha (Kervan version) from 1972
Sanma Olmayinca Olmuyur from 1977
Sakin & Eyvah back side
Erkin Koray Supergroup : Sen Yoksun Diye & Goca Dunya  from 1972
Donusus and Hadi Hadi Ordan from 1976
Cicek Dagi / Hop Hop Gelsin second version
Estarabim and Sevince from 1975
Kizlari Da Alin Askere and Ask Oyunu from 1967
Arap Saci & Timbilli from 1976
Meçhul and Çiçek Dagi from 1968
LP's :
Sana Birseyler Olmus (Bir Na Na Na Sarkisi) & Seni Her Gordugumde from 1969
Aska dönüyorum/Yine yalnizim (catalog number 9101)
This picture has been used for the Xotic Mind LP "Electric Türk" limited edition LP. This LP was based upon (actually unofficially reissued Turkish) tapes. Of course they themselves bootlegged the tapes including all mistakes. Also they never payed Erkin any rights. Never the less, in those days it was the first album from Turkey that attracted foreign interest in Turkish music. Windfried from Nexus Records reissued officially the "Electronic Türküler" LP, by having acchieved a deal with Erkin. The tape you see here is without any progressive material.

The first 6 LP's from Erkin Koray

Recent illustration by Ozan Durmus for a new Erkin Koray release.

Many thanks to Ozan Durmus for providing me most of these covers.
(I restored them back into mint condition thanks to Photoshop).
Thank you for scans of inner sleeve & back of Elektronik Türküler, to Oguz Hasdogru