Turkish Progressive Music presents :
ALTIN MIKROFON  1965,1966 :

"Cahit Oben is a young beatnik whose band was known for "playing Beatles better than the Beatles!".  Not a joke, really, his band was one of the most energetic live acts at the time." G.A.

1965 group was a quartet as Cahit Oben Dörtlüsü with
Cahit Oben, lead guitar,
Koray Oktay, bass guitar,
Fikret Kizilok, rhythm guitar,
Erol Ulastir, drums

1966 group was with
Cahit Oben lead el. guitar,
Cankut Özgül, percussion,
Gökhan Torgay bass guitar,
Göktug Vensurel, rhythm guitar

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Soundfile of first Altin Mikrofon single : "Halimem" (or here)

I lately discovered "Karacaoglan" / "362436" : A Beautiful multi-layered with its Turkish folk instruments, acoustic guitars, electric bass. The other track is a surf instrumental with great rhythms, acoustic and electric guitars, and electric bass.

Another single : Karakoyun / Karakoyun Instrumental CBS Records 1812

               Nankör / Seveceksen Beni Sev A.K. 1973

  More info about other singles will be added later.
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full discography on http://www.diskotek.arkaplan.com.tr/
Discography and audio :

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