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1. Baris' early days : youth, student time, with Kafadarlar, Harmoniler, in the army, Kaygisizlar
2. Manchomongol (= Baris with Mogollar)
3. Baris Manço with Kurtalan Express

A home page of Manço in Turkish,French,German and English, Japanese,Dutch you can find at (in various languages !) with links to biography and big files of his singles (Baris with Kardaslar,Harmoniler,Mistigris,Kaygisizlar,Group,Mogollar,Kurtulan Express)

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Baris in Belgium during the very interesting release of "2023"

A very good introduction taken from the "Turkish Electronic Music page" :

"Baris Manco : Formerly a rockn'roll singer Manco had many evaluations during his career in music. He had experience in many genres in music some with a good will , some fully commercial. Beginning his career in 1958 at the age of 15, he experienced rockn'roll, twist, beat, Turkish psychedelic , east and west, ambient, funk , anatolian rock etc... He had the chance to make music with fabolous Hammond organist Murat Ses in two of his singles...After his sessions with Murat Ses he gained a view of creating ambient soundscapes...He had the advantage of this inheritance in his most strange concept album:"2023" which was produced in 1975....The album included two musical legends:one is "Kayalarin Oglu, 2023" the other is "Baykoca Destani" ...Kayalarin Oglu, 2023 is the greatest score he had produced...For the first time in an album a drum machine was used recalling the ambience of Jean Micheal Jarre's Oxygene....The string synthesizers were the leading keys during the album, but also Hammond Watkings Phaser, and an early model of Korg also had its place in the album...In 1977 in his album called "Baris Mancho" published by C.B.S. ; Mancho made a vocal version of 2023...The album was a complete failure with its Bonny M sound in both musical and commercial field.After this failure Manco returned with the lp "Yeni Bir Gun"(A New Day)(1979) In the lp he had covered 2023 with a different context, and with extra creative arrangements and compositions added by Ahmet Guvenc (bass guitarist of Manco's group Kurtalan Express) and Kilic Danisman (Moog , elc. Piano and strings player of Kurtulan Express) The name was 2024....The album also had a different ambient score named Coban Yildizi (The Sheppard Star which is a name of The Planet Venus)...He told the story of the planet venus with a musical and an epic way which is very typical in most of Manco's works. He used the same argument of Von Daniken during telling the story and making it an epic science fiction score like Murat Ses did 3 years before Manco's attempt.In 1981 Manco did "2025 , the last journey" for his 1981 L.P. "Sozum Meclisten Disari" ...In this lp Nejat Tekdal assisted Manco in using E.M.S. synthesizer which Manco needed the help of Gokcen Kaynatan to create a single sound because of its specificity...With aid of Tekdal Manco exhibites 3 great pieces such as "Gulpembe", "Donence" ,and "2025"...After this album Manco can be observed more an entertainer than a musician.That was so because of the great tranformation of Turkey after 12th September coup where nobody could achieve to use his civil initiative...The objects of art became objects of a non-limited consumption...In this circumstance Manco also had to cheat in a popular culture pool... I was still hopeful for his comeback where he could express who he really was...But too late for him and still we have time to archieve his works and provide unreleased stuff to be on the market...Manco died on February 1,1999...Play Moog in the heaven!!!"      Munimonde

(published with kind permission)

Another very interesting track with moog is "Hamburger" . It would fit nice with the popular tracks from  "Messe pour le temps present" from Pierre Henry & Michelle Colombier or with Jean Jacques Perrey.
with the Kurtulan Expresi : Ben Bilirim and 2023 from 1975
Baris with the Kurtalan Expres : Lambaya Püf De and Kalk Gidelim Küheylan, from 1973
Baris with Kurtulan Expres : Gönül Dagi and Hey Koca Topçu Genç Osman, from 1973
Baris with Kaygisizlar : Aglama Degmez Hayat - Kirpiklerin Ok Ok eyle, from 1969
Derule and Küçük Bir Gece Müzigi from 1969
Baris with Kaygisizlar : Bogazici - Flower of love, from 1968   CLICK PICTURE TO SEE BACK
with Kurtalan Expresi : Hal Hal and Egri Egri Dogru Dogru Egri Bügrü Ama Yine De Dogru, from 1980
with Kaygisizlar : Kagizman and Anadolu from 1969
with the Kurtalan Ekspresi and the George Hayes Orchestra in 1977
Baris with Kurtlan Expres : Ölüm Allahin Emri and Gamzedeyim Deva Bulmam in 1972
Turkish Progressive Music presents :
Baris with Kurtulan Expres : Nazar eyle Nazar eyle (gel yanima pazar eyle) - Gulme ha gulme, 1974
Baris with Harmoniler : Do The Twist - Let's Twist again, 1962
Baris with Elvis look
Baris & Jacques Denjean Orchestra : Baby Sitter - Quelle Peste - Jenny Jenny - Un Autre Amour Que Toi, 1964
Baris with Jacques Denjean Orchestra : Baby Sitter - Quelle Peste. PS. :  Jenny Jenny - Un autre amour que toi single has the same cover
Baris with Kaygisizlar :  Bebek - Keep lookin  in 1968
Baris & Les Mistigres : Bien Fait Pour Toi - Aman Avci Vurma Beni, 1966
Baris with Kurtulan Expres : Cay elinden oteye rezil dede - Vur ha vur, 1976
Baris : Daglar Daglar 1 - Daglar daglar 2, from 1970
Baris with  Les Mistigres : Il Arrivera - Une Fille,1966      "click"  to see back side
with Kurtalan Ekspres : Lambaya puf de - Kalk gidelim Kuheylan. (- second edition -)
Baris with Kaygisizlar : Kizilciklar - I'll go crazy  in 1968
Baris with Kaygisizlar : Kol Dugmeleri/Big Boss Man/Seher Vakti-Good Golly Miss Molly in 1967
Baris with Kaygisizlar : Runaway - Unutamiyorum ,1969
Baris with Les Mistigres : Bizim Gibi - Big Boss Man - Seher Vakti - Good Golly Miss Molly, in 1967
Baris with Kurtulan Expres : Bir bahar aksami - Estergon kalesi, 1974
Baris with Mogollar : Iste Hendek Iste Deve - Katip Arzuhalim Yaz Yare Boyle, 1971
B-side Baris Manco & Les Mistigres : Bien fait pour toi, une Fille, Il arrivera, Amour avec
Most of the singles (- more or less in restored form-)
and some related pictures from Baris Manço
(Leave the mouse on the pictures for more information)

Songs played in my radio show :
Most of them are more end 60's UK  psych pop styled.
(samples to hear when you click orange underlined titles)

* "Une Fille" ('66) is a beautiful French ballad.
* "Big Boss Man" ('66) is a nice bluesy rock'n roll song.
* "Bebek" ('68) is a 60's balad with added organ.
* "Fairground" is a 60's UK/American psych pop rock song, with nice instrumentation.
* "Karanliklarin Icinde" ('68) 60's pop song with slight psych instr. touches.
* "Keep Lookin" ('68) : more up beat  60's blues pop.
* "Run Away" ('68) : UK psych pop with interesting instrumentation.
* "Trip (to a Fair)" ('68) UK psych pop with interesting instrumentation.
*  "Derule" ('69) More Turkish but with very good electric guitar lead.
* "Kücük Bir Gece Müzigi" ('69) wa wa guitars, good rhythm strange psych instrumental.
* "Daglar Daglar" ('70) Nicely brought Turkish traditional.
* "Flower of Love" ('72) Incredible 70's soft psych (reminds me at S.T.Michael). Dreamy ;
unearthly beautiful.
* "Gönul Dagi" ('74) funky with organ, Turkish instrumentation / Western instruments.
* "2023" ('75?) with electronic experimentation
* "Egri Bügü"('80) more heavy rhythmic instrumentation, singing.

Thank you, Ercan Demirel and Savas Manco for providing me these songs for the radioshow.

Extra MP3 tracks  :
* "Kolduügmeleri" or here (linked to a page where you see picture of Baris next to audio file)  
* "Katip Arzulahim"
* "Il arrivera" (Les Mistigres)

Erkin Koray on a few Baris Manco tracks (real audio) : "Aska Inanmiyorum","Daglar Daglar"

Rare MP3 :

Please E-mail me if you know more interesting MP3 links.
"Along with Erkin, Baris Manco is one of the earliest stars of Turkish rock'n roll whose first public -success dates back to late 50's.  He won scholarship in Belgium Royal Academy in 1963 and went to Belgium to study graphics and art. By the time he was there he was always busy with music and put out records in both Belgium and in Turkey (to where he returned for four or five months every year. Influenced by the rapid cultural movements occuring at the time in Europe, he realised his own country could be the cultural link between East and West, a link avidly sought by many open-minded Western European thoughts. After his collaborations with Les Mistigris and Kaygisizlar, Manço went on to form another band under his name which compromised of multi-national musicians. Best remembered for their fantastic live bluesy underground music."  Gökhan Aya & Jay Dobis
Baris Manço stayed in music business very long but succeeded to be fresh and renewing most of the time.
His most early twist period is less interesting. His French songs are good. Later work is more '70's rock inspired. After 1978 attention to musical aspects in music faded out. 
I like the video's he made later in his life. The use of children to present/dance his music there I find soothening and bringing different ages together too.
Some late albums are textual of more importance for his goal then that they musically explores musical ideas with Rock bands like before.
Biography in Dutch by his brother Savas at next text link : Biografie van Baris Manco.
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