"There was such a blasting of bands that one of the biggest national newspapers called Hürriyet decided to organise a big contest that would help the young amateur bands have their names heard throughout the country.  What the contest organisers wanted was interesting: the musicians who wanted to attend the contest had to either compose songs in Turkish or arrange a traditional tune.  Also they had to perform this in a western style with electric western instruments!  The ones who ware finalists ware to perform live In many cities that the newspapers arranged a tour for them. If Altin Mikrofon had not been assembled, we wouldn't likely to be talking about 60's & 70's Turkish rock scene." G.Aya

"Altin Mikrofon 'The Golden Microphone' song contest was first held in 1965 to help give a new direction to contemporary turkish music through the use of western techniques, forms and instruments. The finalists would get their contest song (and a song of their choice) recorded and printed as a single and sold on the music market for revenues which were left solely to the benefit of these groups." T.L.

Tukish Altin Mikrofon introduction page at
More info (about participators,..) at http://metamorfoz.fisek.com.tr/altin.htm
Page with a examples of singles at
http://www.baris.esmartmusic.com/altin-mikrofon/index.html with a list of items at
Another page at http://www.geocities.com/eski45/altinmik.html

The style on these singles varies from rockn'roll crossovers, beat, garage, twist..to Anatolian music with some pop elements.

Recently a 3 CD set has been released in Turkey covering possibly all ? singles (A & B sites) from the Altin Mikrofon contest.

You can find all the covers from the singles from this contest at the next pages :

-(where the crossover style was new and people were still looking for a new sound)-
-(where The Shadows influence is still as clear as ever on these examples)-
-(where the appearance of the organ gives various examples an extra psychedelic touch)-

There are two other (recommended) compilation albums recently issued which contain many of the songs from the early days of Turkish beat (1967-1969 mostly). :

More information :    huiboki@wanadoo.nl                    www.dionysusrecords.com
                                         26 songs                                             22 songs

"Turkish Delights" mostly covers the Turkish beat and garage, earlier '60's stuff.
Review : http://both-kinds.com/2005/12/03/turkish-delights/
"Hava Narghile" mostly covers the more progressive music tracks within the Anadolu Pop / Rock movement, mostly end '60's  and '70's stuff . Luckily there's no overlapping of songs in both compilations.
Interview with Jay Dobis about this release,.. at http://www.theworld.org/archive/glohit/2002/08/21.htm
Review from Hava Narghile with soundfile at http://stevehegede.tripod.com/turkey.htm
and http://www.cosmik.com/aa-january02/reviews/review_va-hava_narghile.html
and http://www.math.lsu.edu/~zabic/lighthouse/turks.htm
Review in Spanish http://www.senhorf.com.br/sf3vs/planeta60/Turquia.htm

Many remarks from Gökhan Aya on seperate Web Pages from Turkish groups are taken from the booklet from Turkish Delights. A few remarks which come from "G.A. and Jay Dobis" are taken from the "Hava Narghile" compilation. 2 movie pictures published on that compilation can be seen at my Fairuz Derin page, a new Turkish group who used such an old picture on the cover of their album.

A Third '60's & '70's psych compilation, in the series of Love,Peace and Poetry is reviewed on next page : http://progressive.homestead.com/Turkey.html
Tukish Progressive Music presents :

Remark from 2003 :

"If I myself would make a perfect (70-75 minutes) compilation of the recordings from 1965-1978 and if I would leave out Ersen, Erkin Koray, Fikret Kizilok, Selda, Cem Karaca, the Mogollar LP, Murat Ses, Manço, and the tracks from the 'Hava Narghile' compilation (at least 4 tracks are not to miss either, including some from Baris Manço,..) my compilation would look like this :

Siluetler : Lorke-Lorke
Haramiler : Aya Bak Yildiza Bak
Haramiler : Camlica Yolunda
Yabancilar : Agit
Mavi Cocuklar : Tamzara
Selçuk Alagöz : Ararim
Cahit Oben : Sey
Cahit Oben : Karacoaglan
Rana Alagöz : Konya Kabagi
Selçuk Alagöz : Edremit Va'a Bakas
Mogollar : Lazy John
Alpay : "Raman"
Emin Findikogli : Cecen Kizi
Erol büyükburc & Özel Orkestrasi :  "Zuleyha"
TPAO Orchestra : Kara Torak
Mustafa Özkent Orkestrasi : Dolanda
Okay Temiz : Denizalti Ruzgarlari
Okzay Temiz : Zikir
Okay Temiz : Cay Elinden
Orhan Gencebay : Laeyla ile Mecnun

P.S. : The second and third track by Okay Temiz could be left out.
I'm sure there will be some other essential tracks by Okay Temiz that 
I didn't hear yet. Also Orhan Gencebay might have many other essential tracks."

Soon I add here a list of tracks I find "MUSTS for prog lovers" from the classic names
a suggestion for good compilation of new items is listed at my new compilations page

See also my Altin Mikrofon 1965 page,
my Altin Mikrofon 1966 page,
Altin Mikrofon 1967 page,
Altin Mikrofon 1968

If you want to know which tracks I played of these 2 latest compilation albums look at my playlist
of the radio program "Psyche van het Folk",on Radio Centraal, Antwerpen, Belgium.

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