Yara / Doner Dunya, from 1970 ?
Turkish Progressive Music presents :

Üç Hürel
Live pictures from 3 Hürel

Ve Ölüm / Şeytan Bunun Neresinde (Diskotür DT 5008) from 1970
1st LP
Ferdinan Hürel with his double neck Saz/guitar
3 Hürel in te sixties
Ferdinun Hürel with his double neck saz/guitar
LP reissue A-site
middle : first second LP from Uç Hürel (reissue front / back)
with 11 related singles, one solo single ; and here a cooperation :

Pembelikler / Agit
Hoptirinom / Mutluluk Bizim Olsun (Diskotür DT 5128)
lazloglu / Gul e Ninni
Aglarsa Anam Aglar / Kara Yazi
Gonul Sabreyle Sabrele /  Kucuk Yaramaz (Diskotür DT 5038)
and back-side Canim Kurban / Anadolu Dansi ; click sleeve for better view
Madalyonun Ters Yüzü / Haram (Diskotür DT 5088)
Canim Kurban / Anadolu Dansi (Diskotür DT 5098)
Boştur Boş / Ben Geçerim Gönül Geçmez  back
Ömür Bitter Yol Bitmez / Sevenler Aglarmis  (diskotur DT 5108)

pictures of the group :

Aglarsa Anam Aglar / Kara Yazi
Gurbet Türküsü / Didaydom (Diskotür DT 5018)

Audio :
From the first album I prefer "Anadolu Dansi", "Gurbet Türküsü" and "Haram" but second album and various singles I enjoy much more. Other tracks played in my Radio Shows are
"Sevenler Aglarmis", "Aglarsa Anam", "Haram", "Medalyon".
Tony Coulter on WFMU airplayed "Agit" from second album. (this is only first track).
More audio : "Karayazi"
Audio with review : http://radiodiffusion.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/3-hur-el/
See also http://my.opera.com/zapata55/blog/2008/10/03/uc-hurel-diskografi-kulliyat
& http://my.opera.com/zapata55/blog/2008/09/09/uc-hurel-uc-hurel-arsivi-1973
Ferdinun Hürel solo audio : http://my.opera.com/zapata55/blog/2008/10/03/feridun-hurel-45

Turkish pages with some information (discography etc.) you'll find at :
and http://anadolupop.fisek.com.tr/hurel/
and at http://www.geocities.com/anadolu_rock_1968/3hurel/hrel.htm
with pictures at http://www.geocities.com/anadolu_rock_1968/3hurel/hurelresim.htm
and http://anadolupop.fisek.com.tr/hurel/
(A Turkish page with chords,..you can find at http://turkcemuzik.com/artist.asp?artist=127)
Discography (with some covers linked) at http://www.diskotek.arkaplan.com.tr/...
Label Ada Müzik who released the great single collection CD at http://adamusic.net/

Playlist from my Radioshow with Uç Hürel.

Cover and tracklist of the CD with compilation of the singles you can check here : http://www.9sekiz.com/content/album.asp?aid=227F4F6

Except from the shops I already mentioned on the entry page
Items also for sale here : http://www.iskenderiye.com/mm/yazar.asp?sirano=26
& http://www.tulumba.com/icy_itemsFiltered.asp?mode=1&filter=3%20Hürel&cN3=200.0000
3 (-or Uç, pronounced "ütsch"-) Hürel made two nice LP's. The first LP (1972) might ask a bit more effort after first hearing for Western ears / standards, because it sounds more Turkish. Their second record has a more remarkable incredible guitar playing and is surely nice to trace. Give it enough time. Their single collection has been nicely reissued with a booklet by Ada Müzik (-several of the B & W pictures are taken from it-). A very nice compilation.

"Unlike every other band in Turkey, the three Hürel brothers (Feridun,Onur and Haldun) never played cover songs on stage or on record. Feridun who wrote the songs and sang, played a double-necked instrument : one neck for guitar, the other for saz." G.A. & J.D.

"One of the most interesting groups of Turkish progressive music, a legendary sound. 3 brothers, Onur, Haldun, Feridun Hurel: 3 Hur-El. Their first band was at 1966 "Istanbul 4".. Then 1970 3 Hur-El with their special sound. First LP 1972.
As an important differance, the three Hurel brothers didn't play cover songs or turkish music compositions. Feridun did the original composes and lyrics, and sang, also played a double-necked instrument : one neck for guitar, the other for turkish saz. Was a great combination. With special drums, percussions and combination of west-east instruments, they created a new synthesis. That was a great progressive sound of 70's, with great rhythms.   
Their second LP "Hurel Arsivi" , 1976, is their most important work (selections from singles)
of the group, amazing rhytms, incredible guitar playing, some psych sounds and vocals...
A must listen."  Guner

After their comeback in 1997, they recorded two CDs for Ada Music. "Efsane" (Legend) in 1996 and "1953" in 1999. (I have "Efsane" and I describe it as more plain Turkish Rock). Though they used to be one of the most busy tour bands during early 70's, now they refuse to play live. 
2nd LP

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Hoptirinom / Mutluluk Bizim Olsun (Diskotür DT 5128) back
Gurbet Türküsü / Didaydom (Diskotür DT 5018)  back